How to improve a beer kit – Easy Home Brewing

How to improve a beer kit – Easy Home Brewing

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Beer kits are great, and they provide a way for beginners to make beer without any fancy equipment or knowledge. Some people might be curious about the use of fresh ingredients, but don’t know where to start. This video will help you take a kit to the next step, by combining it with fresh grains and hops, to help introduce you to a more advanced brewing method that will yield better beer, and teach you some of the things you need to know to advance in your home brew hobby.


  1. Hi Graig tube  I love 6 x bitter which kit wood you suggest to get that kind of peaty and orthey taste  plus it blows your head off after 5/6 pintes thanks.

  2. Gutted!
    Tried to find this beer's test video (taste review) , Spent 20 minutes with no luck. Please help !
    where is it?

  3. Fredrik Hoffmann

    Great videos Craig !

  4. Hi Craig love the videos, very helpful as i just brewed my first batch yesterday with help from your videos. cant wait to do my next lot with enhancements.

  5. Rockabillybeerlover

    Top tutorial, the sky's the limit when it comes to adapting kits, and coopers are terrific base kits! Thanks Craig

  6. I know the lights are bright. I know you might be an older gentleman. I know. I know what you're doing. You are playing on the old wives tale of methanol poisoning by blinking as if you are going blind. I find this hilarious, even if unintentional, because here you are providing information on how to do something while seemingly going blind from it! Again, I'm not sure if this is what you're doing, but this is what you are doing. Right? 

  7. Ivan Horoshenkov

    6:40 happiest kettle in the world

  8. Ian Forrester (ifr33)

    I've been doing the even more budget dress-up version, extra LME and steeping flavour hops in a coffee press. Cooper's extract seems to be a little crazy, I get between 4-10 points over on my OG. Have to try really hard now to bring in a beer under 5%.

  9. Hey Craig, nice videos you got here. Very informative. What was the ABV on this "English Brown" after adding that extra malt dextrose? I like a little higher ABV in my beers (7% on up). Going through all your videos, keep them coming, please.

  10. killing your liver man, just grow pot instead of brewing this shitty ass beer

  11. CripChicks Crypt

    priceless x

  12. Thanks for a great video, loved it. I'm just about to build a Homebrew bar with keg orator so will try this recipe when it's all set up 🙂 

  13. dude how do you make a yeast starter?

  14. my son makes cookies with the spent grains..ever heard of that?

  15. Awesome stuff Craig 17

  16. Hi Craig I really liked what you did with the update to this video. Also it gave me the opportunity to give you the 'thumbs up' twice ! Cheers and 17.

  17. Hey Craig quick question. How come you cool the wort before topping it off to 5 gallons? It would seem to me that transferring it to the fermenter and topping it off would provide significant cooling and then you could finish the cooling in a nice bath if needed. Love the video thanks for the info. 

  18. great stuff thanks craig ! i am a newb and ive done about 5 kits so far and have two batchs gurgling away !! The next batch im going to try hopping and adding some speciality grains too !  im brewing the coopers english bitter for the second time (fingers crossed) i brewed it once  but it got a malt vinegary taste.. still tasted good though!!

  19. bit of an oaky afterbirth

  20. I was wondering with that little amount of water, are you sure you extracted the right amount of material from the grains? I ask because that became a solution and like adding sugar in water, you can only add so much sugar in the water before the rest of it falls to the bottom and wont seep in….does that happen with the grain/water?

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