How To Clean And Sanitize Before Brewing Beer

How To Clean And Sanitize Before Brewing Beer

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How To Clean And Sanitize Before Brewing Beer
How to clean and sanitize before brewing your beer. Yes, there is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing your beer.

Cleaning means basically removing dirt, stains and anything visible. This is usually done with water and soap.

Sanitizing involves killing bacteria and other non visible stuff. For the purpose of brewing beer, water and bleach are commonly used to sanitize the work area and equipment.

I also use Iodophor to sanitize my equipment and myself while I brew my beer.


  1. I agree. To much mooting over brewing. Sanitation is important but this much is not required. You can turn off poeple from brewing if they see this first. Anyways if your going to go this far then you forgot to sanitize your bathroom! Also… NEVER USE BLEACH!

  2. You are way over blowing the risk of infection by telling people to sanitize the microwave and other things that won't even come in contact with the wort. Infections are pretty rare. I am not saying don't clean and sanitize but you don't need to scare people either.

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