How to Brew Your Own Craft Beer

How to Brew Your Own Craft Beer

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Brewing your own beer is simple and delicious – learn how to do it yourself
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  1. Great vid, very broken down for dumb noobs like moi, all grain brew day should include a sparge tho. Where are you from anyway Otis? New York or Jersey? Accent cracks me up, reminds me of people I served with in Jersey.

  2. i found that the best way to save money is to get equipment off of family members. if they have the stuff, that is.

  3. I've been home brewing for about a year and a half now, bottling the whole time….now you've convinced me to lean towards kegging…I'll miss my different colored bottle caps and corn sugar

  4. What about well water? 

  5. Otis, can I use artificial enzymes on unmalted barley? In one video I saw a person using alpha-amylase and gluco-amylase in corn to convert the starch to sugar. I am just wondering whether I can do the same with barley so that I can skip the germination and drying process. Please let me know :)

  6. Hey man, great video. I brewed a batch a few years ago then got busy with family life. Now with three daughters i need a hobby. I will post when my first batch is done.

  7. Great information and thank you for the links too!

  8. Hi Maggie – yes its safe – use purified water good luck

  9. is it safe to add the extra purified water to the wort, even though it hasn't been boiled?

    Thanks for the video, very informative!

  10. This was awesome thanks man! Exactly what I was after, info from the raw ingredients right the way through!

  11. Well done mate! Have a look at new zealand loves craft beer

  12. Shane H. (WiggleWagon)

    Awesome video.  It got me into homebrewing.  After the fact note:  Rather than using a 5 gallon keg, you can get 2 x 2.5 gallon kegs instead, they are slightly larger than a milk carton and fit in the kitchen fridge.  They also travel well for small picnics/parties.  One of my fellow brewers kegs 2.5 gallons and bottles the rest.  

    BTW, a hydrometer is a must.  Even new brewers need to learn the basics from the start as they start to progress into all-grain. 

  13. You should be aware ;)

  14. got a lot of heat for the hydrometer comment ; ) I agree with them, but as you said in the beginning, you're not a pro, and I will add, i rarely use my hydrometer either, unless i really like what i got, and am curious of its content ; ) thanks for the video.

  15. Awesome video! Makes it look so easy!

  16. Joshua Dannemann

    Oh for crying out loud, does anybody who makes beer besides me ever do things a simple way? You don't need $500 worth of equipment!!! A glass jug, balloon, cracked barley (malt extract is nice too), oats, hops, honey, yeast, a strainer, big pot, bucket, and large coffee filter. Boil the grains, cool, strain, sanitize the containers, add yeast and honey. Cap with a balloon that has a pin-prick in it then wait about 7 days. Next, I poor the wort into a bucket with a large coffee filter (like making iced coffee) to remove the sediment. Add more honey, poor back into the jug after sanitizing, and then cap it. Wait 7 days, and the beer is done. Total cost: about $30 for the ingredients, and $60 for the equipment. Simple and easy…

  17. fishing? that was dumb. HAHAHAHA

  18. Really great video, easy to understand. Well played pal.

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