How to Brew Beer – Presented by Lake House Brewing Co. (now Hardywood Park Craft Brewery)

How to Brew Beer – Presented by Lake House Brewing Co. (now Hardywood Park Craft Brewery)

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At their pilot brewery on the lake, Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh walk you through the entire process of producing beer in five minutes.

Presented by the Lake House Brewing Company.

*April 2011 update: After a decade of home brewing, Eric and Patrick are in the process of launching the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, Virginia. Check out!
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  1. Funny! Good job on the video!

  2. hey im in VA, do you sell your beer?

  3. branwithoutclaws

    Thanks for the info. Anyone complaining about the stylistic elements of this video is a fool. If you are looking for scholarly info on the subject try a book.

  4. Drinking BEER = LOSING Fat !! It's True !! Science Proven, check it out:


    Beer Consumers will absolutely LOVE this!

  5. Richmond VA? Small world, I might have to pay a visit.

  6. @newFaction64 I completely agree. We were going for an old-timey effect to make it slightly more interesting. The result wasn't exactly what we had imagined. We will try and post an updated version soon…. perhaps we can spice it up with a car alarm going off in the background.

  7. @BrainChild42 There are many different varieties of hops, many different ways of malting and roasting barley, many different yeast strains and all different make ups of water that are used. The 'four ingredients' are referring to beer in it's most common form. However, many beers use other types of malted and un-malted grain such as wheat, rye and oats in addition to barley. Sometimes spices are used, sometimes they are aged on oak or in used whiskey barrels…. and the variations go on.

  8. If beer is made up of only 4 ingredients, then why does every beer taste unique?

  9. This is unbelievably annoying to watch. I was hoping for information not flashing

  10. LunasCraincloud

    groovy vid

  11. Nice information but felt like I was gunna fit

  12. Nice video! Solid information with a well written narrative. Also amusing/funny old-timey effects. Also, water: "not bad, but kind of bland" hahaha.

  13. Eric, I enjoyed reading your responses to beer brewing more than reading a NY Times best seller…funny and candid. I've always wanted to get into home brew, but being in the Air Force the past 26 years has made that difficult. Now I'm about to retire and will (hopefully) have time to focus on things I want to do. You helped move home brew waaaaay up the list. Thanks . . . Casey H

  14. Fantastic. Very informative.

  15. Nicely done fellas

  16. Loved the video guys…. the old fashioned look and audio was perfect…. informative and entertainling =]

  17. @ERICMCKAY9 dont listen to this dick hole, we need more 40s propaganda brewing videos.

  18. Pros:
    Brewing from base resources (not from extracts).
    Nice looking beer.
    A quite nice overview about the brewing process.

    Bad quality (did you have broken camera?)
    Additives to the beer(2:32).

    Boys, as the homebrewer i can say – thanks for this video.
    Xaint, homebrewer from Czech Republic

  19. Ha! Wasn't exactly on purpose…we're brewers, not cinematographers.

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