How to brew all grain beer – tips, timings and equipment

How to brew all grain beer – tips, timings and equipment

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Yonny from Copper Kettle Home Brewing shows how beer can be brewed from natural ingredients; just using water, malt, hops and yeast. He gives some useful tips, explains the processes and equipment he made himself, and a little bit of the chemistry to help new brewers get it right. He opens up a world of different recipes, tastes and flavours. The recipe he uses can be found at
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  1. what elements do you use on the liquor tank ?

  2. A pity we didn't see you pitching the yeast and seeing the end product but great vid none the less :)

  3. Thank you for sharing.  I like your homemade sparge arm, brew kettle, and filters.  I would have never thought of using a plastic bucket with a 220v heating element.  In the US we use stainless steel half barrel kegs and propane.  I got some good ideas from this video.

  4. As an American, I quite enjoyed your presentation. You hv surely de-mystifyed my present fears of not hvng ALL the equipment I hv been collecting so far.I was brainwashed into thinking I need stainless steel this, that contamination was lurking about on every surface, etc. Now I see you…plastic this, flashlite that, and 2 elements and a pump. approx $50 worth of equipment really! Good on YOU, much respect sir..and you are brewing 55L too! I w/b copying this vid so I can follow along w/you as I boil, mash, wort & brew a batch. I hv learned so much in these few moments. Cheers, Respectfully, Margo

  5. Think you got your mashing temperatures backwards mate.  Lower temps result in higher conversion and a more complete fermentation.  You just mashed for a full body beer.  Not dry.

  6. ha nice vid cheers matey good info

  7. Great vid! What about yeast and sugar? are you adding those? in which scale to wort volume?

  8. what about the fermenting process? How long and whats required? Cheers great vid by the way!!

  9. Great video very informative 

  10. Thank you very much for this video just what I needed to understand how to do all grain, here goes 

  11. Where did you get the 12 volt pump from. It lloks useful. Great video.

  12. Hi Mate, I didnt understand your sparging step.  Are you are using water at a specific temperature taken from your boiler? Is the amount of water used a specific quantity? Shouldnt the wort be mostly out of the mash tun before you start sparging?

  13. What your views on a 50 litre Braumeister brewing system 

  14. CitySlicker Tony

    Tony Say's, Way to Go Yonny! I learned alot. Amazing! I am in the States and am starting to make Beer. I am using kits to now, but the All Grain looks So Good!! You the Man YONNY!!!!!! 

  15. that was fascinating

  16. Keep in mind he's using Celsius. 77 c is 107 F. of course, 100 C is 212 F. GOOGLE TEMP. CONVERSION FOR A SLIDING SCALE.
    Wine is a lot easier. 

  17. Nice vid mate. One of the best short how to brew videos I've seen. 

  18. One of the best videos I have seen!!!!! Great Job.

  19. Plastic Plastic Plastic= Toxic Toxic Toxic
    Never heat anything in plastics, the toxins seep out and into your beer.

  20. saint741236985

    loved it until he said intensive purposes.

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