How to Brew 1 Gallon Batches of Beer – Ben’s Homebrew

How to Brew 1 Gallon Batches of Beer – Ben’s Homebrew

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Ben’s Homebrew is introducing 1 Gallon Equipment Kits for the Casual Brewer!
Why brew 1 gallon batches?: Takes less time, less equipment, can be done in a dorm room or small apartment, versatility of brewing lagers and ales . . . and a great way to have a nice variety of homebrew on hand at all times!


  1. going to try my first brew tomorrow and wanted to thank you for the *informative video.
    *especially the wife killing you part

  2. August Cooking

    I want to thank you for making this video. I used to brew my own beer a few years ago, doing 5 gallon all grain batches.  Now that I have a kid I can't spend all day brewing any more. I thought my brewing days were over. I stumbled onto your video and now I'm excited about converting all my all-grain recipes to this one gallon method. Thanks man!

  3. One small improvement that I would recommend is heating up the remainder of your water to ~170 and use it to sparge your steeping grains, instead of just dumping the water in. 

  4. Ionut-Alexandru Batrinache

    You can't extract tannins by simply squeezing the bag, this is just a "fairytale". I squeeze the hell out of my bag and i didn't had a problem.

  5. could you tell me what the final gravity was please.cheers andy

  6. how many gal in the fermentation bucket? im thinking of rather doing a carboy for first step

  7. There are no DME precursors. DME is not like all grain. With all grain you do have hot break material, with DME that hot break material has already been generated before it is dried in to DME.

  8. Nice clear instruction thanks for posting.

  9. Is 15 minutes enough time to boil off DME precursors? Since its a smaller volume?

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  11. I noticed you didn't sparge the grains, just used an entire gallon of water with the mash. I am sort of new to this but is this an optional thing, I thought the idea was to get every last bit of sugar from the spent grains… Either way, thanks for the informative videos!!!

  12. would you need to use dme with all one gallon batches I was hoping to just use some marris on its own with some hops for a smash beer.
    I was also wondering could u not have sparged the grains even with the cold water?

  13. Is the site ever coming back?

  14. 1. Can I use a one gallon glass jug to for primary fermentation?
    2. I own a copy of The Joy of Home Brewing, using your techniques and the recipes in my book by reducing the recipe to make a one gallon batch; Will this produce a good final end product?

  15. Ben any ETA on when the site will be back?

  16. @drksnapple

  17. Is your site going to be up soon?

  18. Hey Ben I've been looking to pick up a 1 gallon kit but your site has been down for the last few days. Any ETA on when it will be back up?

  19. @fr1kk

    Because there's more volume with 5 gallons and you need more hops to extract the alpha acid content for bitterness. With 1 gallons, if you add half an ounce then you only need to boil for 15 minutes to extract the alpha acids from the hops.

  20. Hey there. Great video. I have some questions for you!

    1) You're the first person I've ever heard say you only need to boil for 15 mins. Why is that? I love the idea, I'm curious why you can do it with 1gal and not 5gal?

    2) Does a 1gal take less time for primary fermentation?


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