How It’s Made: Beer

How It’s Made: Beer

- in Beer Brewing Process

How is Beer Manufactured?

From Season 1, Episode 3 of How It’s Made.
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  1. John McLaughlin

    to those pussies bitching about alcohol forget the fact that craft beer (not mass produced yellow fizzy shit) has more health benefits than wine, anti oxidants, B vitamins, silicon, and it tastes amazing. marijuana may be beneficial medically but smoking it still is bad the fact you are putting smoke through your lungs. my craft beer is what i drink every other weekend or so im not what you bitches say im abusing or addicted to it. beer don't ruin my life and it doesn't run it im in complete control

  2. I hate the people who make beer because it make good life to change bad life…my dad alway drink beer and drunk and alway hit my mom and me and sometime almost kill my mom..that why I hate…but some people is okay if they drink beer, at longer they don't fight…but most people is bad when they drink beer

  3. I realized alcohol was bad for you when I started smoking cannabis. don't drink and drive smoke and fly people, alcohol is a dangerous and very addictive drug!

  4. ITS BEER!

  5. Alcohol and wine are poison. They change who you are and leave you open for any negativity. Stay away from them. Very unhealthy for every part of your being. They block your Spirituality and keep you in darkness. Stick with water and 100% juices. Water keeps you young and healthy.

  6. Took the tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis. I'm not a big fan of Budweiser, but that factory…damn. It looks like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory, but for adults.

  7. Johnny Hernández

    needs more dog.

  8. So whose the beer tester?

  9. i love beer my favorite beer is Natural light i like budweiser two but my favorite is natural light i dont drink hard liquor or any other kinds of alcohol i only drink beer i just love beer

  10. Why can't beer be made more healthier

  11. keep putting your hand in my beer motherfucker

  12. Used to be a drinker until I discovered cannabis. Can't go back now 

  13. Seyhmus Goktekin

    THIS IS DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Big Macintosh.

    Fuck beer, pass the mead!

  15. Turborg has to be my favorite beer.

  16. I don't like domestic beer (from the US or Canada) much. But Heineken and Sapporo are very good. Also haven't really gotten into craft beer. <- Hipsters.

  17. I do things out of spite

    This must have been filmed in the 90's or early 2000's, look at those prehistoric computers they are using. either that or they are not on the fore front of using new technology.

  18. Hein Badenhorst

    3:25 yes!!!!!!!

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