How is Beer Made? The Brewing Process

How is Beer Made? The Brewing Process

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Have you ever wondered how beer is actually made? Well check out this video featuring Daniel Kahn of Buckbean brewing company in Reno, NV to learn all about the brewing process including specifics on the importance of many of the elements that go in.

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  1. im drinkin a cold Corona as im watchin this

  2. Whoa I had no idea hops was in the same family as weed!! Surprised the government hasn't declared war on it yet

  3. fly “flywayne61” wayne

    Dry hopping lol

  4. Arnold Christian

    This guy is the symbol of beer. LOL haahahah

  5. Very helpful! learning craft beer is tough arrrgghh

  6. itsroulettedares

    hhhmmm people are mad at gmo grains of corn, rice, and other things that go into grains… wheat, rye, things in the cereal families and what not… they should check with local brewery's on info as to where grain is coming from. I feel from experience mostly conglomerate brewerys use cheap filler ingredients. Beer is becoming a growing american down home product. Providing jobs in small cities and large. From small town to big cities. From the farm to the kettle to the glass all being done right here. Whats wrong with that?

  7. Fantastic video. Very thorough. Thank you. I'll buy your beer next time I see it out of courtesy. 

  8. Oh ! C'mon, Really ?

    So one could say you make a tea with Barley malt and hops,,, then add the yeast ,,, and it turns into beer ? ,,,,and what about that crap of beer made using Genetically Modified grains of corn, rice, germinated and made into malt ? thanks,, brilliant. 

  9. Brilliant

  10. Hell I'll just say It…watching this video made me get up and buy a case of beer. 

  11. RIP Buckbean Brewing Company

  12. I can tell this guy wants some beer, i just know from the way he talks about this ''magic drink''.

  13. Matthew Martino

    how about some trade secrets? that'll get you some views (y)

  14. And that's how beer is made! Especially Light beer! Like Miller Lite!

  15. Rabindra Man Shrestha

    Simple and easy to understand the entire process of beer making. Great job….

  16. Dont you know how youtube works? is 10000% LUCK, and the rest is because ppl uploaded videos before google bought it where their was only like couple 100 videos so because of then they still have high viewers, & referrals from high viewers, & last thing paying 4 grand a month to youtube to up your adds. (5 years search on youtube.) MJ1

  17. Brutal Brewer

    When he says germinated, he literally means that the barley grains (seeds) are dampened and let to begin sprouting, this act turns the more complex starches into useable simple starches. This conversion is good for the newly growing plant, and for breaking down into fermentable sugars, the Malting come into play by stopping the germination by placing the grains into a kiln, this preserves the broken down starches so that the plant can no longer use them and we can.

  18. When he says germinated he means putting the barley in a container and then putting microorganisms in them and when they eat them and poop and peer it out is what is left and the flavour is what you are drinking

  19. I can use this video to explain to my friends the process rather than stumbling through it myself. Thanks fella

  20. nice video that talks you through the ingredients of brewing in perfect detail, I'm new to home brewing and it was nice to see someone taking the time to explain what everything is for, there's plenty of brewing videos out there but none take you through what the ingredients actually do also a real eye opener about hops and cannabis being related, I have just subscribed to your Chanel thanks for posting this fantastic video.

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