HOT Japanese Vending Machines: Hot Ginger Ale!! ホット飲み物自販機好きー♥

HOT Japanese Vending Machines: Hot Ginger Ale!! ホット飲み物自販機好きー♥

- in Ginger Beer

Hot drinks from vending machines are the bestttt. Some vocab words below↓↓ あったかい飲み物が自動販売機から買えるなんて幸せ♥カナダでもやればいいのになぁ~

Vending Machine – 自動販売機 jidouhanbaiki (sometimes shortened to 自販機 jihanki)
Drink – 飲み物 nomimono
Warm – あたたかい atatakai
Cold – 冷たい tsumetai
Winter – 冬 fuyu

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I film with my Nikon J1 or iPhone 4s, and edit with Windows Movie Maker 🙂
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  1. WHAT?! Canada Dry in JAPAN???? NIce!!!

  2. super gingeri xD

  3. I love ginger ale.

  4. Vending machines in New Zealand and Australia are often more expensive to buy a small bottle then to get a bigger one from a supermarket ~especially water~ Is that the same for Japanese vending machines? could you get those drinks cheaper from somewhere else?

  5. ホットジンジャーは日本人でも飲んだ人は少ないnice report .。.:*☆

  6. MyTech Reviews

    lol your cute :)

  7. i guess that what makes it "hot". Literally labeled "HOT"

  8. Livelovelifeeleni Positivity&Motivation♥☮

    Canada needs this. green tea yes please and warm drinks love the variety in Japan

  9. Great vid. I miss Japan. Loved getting hot drinks waiting for the train to warm my hands.

  10. はんげーむ


  11. no offence but mira looks really…. weird

  12. Mira looks like she survived a nuclear blast

  13. Corn soup in vending machine, the future is here

  14. PraiseDionysus

    You look so beautiful in this vid Sharla! If you see any other interesting vending machines in Japan can you make a video? I've heard you can buy lunch and veggies from vending machines there.

  15. hahah dit you forget to take your money :D

  16. One time here in the U.S., I found a type of ginger ale that was so strong with ginger that it was spicy and it was so delicious.

  17. 日本語の字幕うまいね。英語の勉強にもなるしイイね!

  18. akinobu watanabe


  19. Jouten “JouJou” Hakujou

    Ow Sharla did you say "bon appétit" in Canada just before eating ?

  20. Wow, American vending machines take about 20 seconds before the damn drink is released.

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