Homemade Root Beer Kegging and Carbonating

Homemade Root Beer Kegging and Carbonating

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This is my first batch of homemade root beer. It’s an easy recipe. I used my beer equipment to keg & force carbonate it (using CO2).
It turned out pretty darn good!

This is for a 4 gallon batch – I used root beer extract for this recipe

How to:
4 Gal Spring Water
2 lbs Dark Brown Sugar (4 cups)
1 lb Honey (2 cups)
4 Cups White Sugar (I used 2 cups corn sugar and 2 cups regular sugar
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
1 Bottle Root Beer Extract – 2 oz (by Rainbow Flavors – Old Fashioned Homebrew)


  1. Did you get your equipment online? If so please link me to it.

  2. brew it coach

  3. Stacey MIller

    so how can you pour a beer when you have the CO2 cranked to 25PSI? Looks like you have it all on a single regulator.

  4. What Psi is used to dispense it after it is carbonated?  I would like to do this, but have on a tap in my keezer.  Thanks and great video!

  5. Great job! The honey sweetened rootbeer is without a doubt the best! I make a similar recipe which was inspired by Weinhards rootbeer. Love the keg idea, I don't drink alcohol but truly enjoy great rootbeer.

  6. alexander boggs

    So much sugar


    Great Video Chris!

  8. Rootbeer love Rootbeer but not the actual beer 

  9. looks tasty!

  10. Good

  11. Hi it's me Johnathan

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