Homemade pop tart recipe,, root beer and peanut butter

Homemade pop tart recipe,, root beer and peanut butter

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A good,easy,quick,delicious,homemade,peanut butter and root beer syrup, yes, easy pop tart recipe, just in time for the winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even a sleepover, if you are a perfectionist, use them 61 scissors to trim to size, if not, just throw ’em on there,,, easy now, one jar of creamy (or crunchy) peanut butter and one bottle of A&W rootbeer float dessert topping,, mix well, pie crust dough for the bread part, glue them together with water (I use room temperature ice), cut pie dough to shape, poke in a few small holes, bake untill done, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, now sit back with about six or eight of these little gems, Oh!, so good, and don’t forget the cold milk,,, enjoy


  1. Reminds me of my Missouri grandpa Earl.

  2. Yum!!

  3. StarGazerGirL L

    amazing, love it.

  4. Robert Vindevoghel

    Hi Shopdog,

    Have you ever tried mixing peanut butter with syrup? Any kind of syrup. Corn syrup, maple syrup, or even that Aunt Jemima stuff. Mix about 50/50. The nice thing about the syrup it that you can buy it in bulk, large quantity for cheep. It's good on it's own, mix It up and eat it like you would eat a bole of ice cream or in you baking.

    I fully enjoy all you vids and wouldn't change anything you do.
    Keep it up!!!

    From Robbie V.

  5. Monkey D. Luffy

    i subbed

  6. Well Sam, I see you really l;ike peanut butter- I do too- when I was a youngun, I was by a friends home and he had this here coon dog who was being a real pest so he took out a big tablespoon and threw him a big hunka peanut butter ta chew on….that critter was smacking his jowls back in forth for a half hour……..heh-heh

  7. Juss luv hearing you with your downhill country dainties- I would like to make that home made pop tarts but you didn't mention how you made the dough- should I use just regular pastry dough like in preparing a pie?

  8. So this is what God is up to these days.

  9. I am really glad to seeya Sam grinding out some new recipes.Not everyone at home here at my plantation likes peanut butter;I also can't get a hold of rootbeer syrup, but I'll improvise with either strawberry syrup or silan= a syrup made from dates. Yup- gonna get er done. Now….how bout a recipe for hush puppies from the E side or Arkansas?

  10. easily the best video i've seen

  11. sugarfreelemonade

    Will you be my grandpa?

  12. nice one buddy . they look great

  13. ahh I have to find that rootbeer topping I can't find it near me But my eyes are on the look out for it

  14. Room temperature ice to glue em together

  15. Good job again, Sam….you make-em look delicious.

  16. Samuel Semisosa Jackson

    Stop making it look easy!! I want one

  17. Do your tarts bottoms' ever get soggy? Thanks for the vid.

  18. This is just too good for us mere mortals.

  19. ! Yum all up :o)

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