Homemade Ginger Ale (all natural)

Homemade Ginger Ale (all natural)

- in Ginger Beer

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  1. probably should try brown sugar to make it healthier

  2. Not homemade ginger ale.

  3. Tag should be "Making Ginger Ale in a Nightie"

  4. Thanks greatly for sharing your idea on how to make the simple Gingerale syrup!!! May Life be Good to you!!!!

  5. That is ahelluvalotta ginger!!!

  6. This is great, we drink ginger ale all the time. It's nice to finally have a recipe to homemade make it so that we can stop buying it so much. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like u , and your Coker :-)

  8. Its one of my fav drinks and would be so fun to make <3 

  9. I've never seen a ginger ale recipe before! Definitely trying this out

  10. Agostino D'angelo


  11. Cooking with Kyler

    Great idea!

  12. ????Oh yum!!!!????

  13. A Cupcake In London

    What a great video, my Hubby is a big fan of ginger ale ! need to try this!

  14. DoloLifestyle Tv

    Hey Love, I Love This Video. My Family & I Are Always Drinking Ginger Ale. I am Definitely Going To Try This.


  15. This is cool! I will have to try this

  16. Milano Dynamite

    super yums. i love ginger ale. add a p-lash of irish whiskey and then you have an adult beverage.

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