Home Brewing an American Light 20 Min. Kit with Joe (Part 1)

Home Brewing an American Light 20 Min. Kit with Joe (Part 1)

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This is the first video of a 4 part series showing you how to brew the American Light 20 minute boil kit from Midwest Supplies. This is a very easy and quick brew to make and yields a light bodied beer with a very delicate hop bite and aroma. In this video, we get our water boiling, add the liquid malt extract and dry malt extract, get the wort boiling, add our aroma hops, cool the wort in an ice bath, aerate the wort, strain the hops out, and top off the primary fermenter with cool water.
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  1. Good job. Except, instead of using the tap water (has minerals) to top off the wort it would be better with water that has had the minerals filtered out.

  2. terpsichoreankid

    Haha–awesome! I hope my series helped! Cheers!

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!! Finally some one that can show me how to make beer without confusing the hell out of me! Awsome! Getting ready to make my 1'st batch of American Light! Thanks again!!!!!

  4. terpsichoreankid

    Awesome! Sounds delightful!

  5. Great video! I use a similar process for making Cooper's Australian Pale Ale, which always makes a wonderful beer. I add 2 lbs of dry malt to the kettle first, plus some brown sugar and a very small quantity of bittering hops (Pride of Ringwood), and boil for 30 minutes. The Cooper's kit is added with 10 minutes left in the boil, and the aroma hops (Tettnang or similar) are added near the end. Ferment with Cooper's ale yeast, of course.

  6. terpsichoreankid

    I've grown partial to my homebrew shop… BIY Homebrew Supply! 🙂

  7. GO MIDWEST! That is the only place I go to brew!! I just ordered a golden wheat 20 minute boil kit. It's my first beer. (ive been doing wine for about 2 years) I never knew extract kits existed. I searched how to make beer, and unfortunately nothing but all grain brewing scared me away. So I bought a beginner 20 minute boil kit, and learned how to all grain brew and will give it a try soon! Great vid too by the way!

  8. terpsichoreankid

    Thank you! It's actually a wallpaper tray I found at a specialty shop. I typically have them available at my store but we're currently out of them. I will be getting them back in stock soon–so definitely check out my web store!

  9. Hi Joe , Great vids and thank you for them,please keep up the good work.
    Can you tell what you are using for a sanitizer tray? I am brewing my first batch,and all info is use full.
    Much Thx James

  10. terpsichoreankid

    You're welcome–thank you!

  11. terpsichoreankid

    @matt27ed In this recipe, there wasn't any corn sugar needed for the extra fermentables–all that was covered with the malt extract. Your recipe's process sounds like it should work out fine–the boiling is mostly for sanitization as well as getting those hop flavors infused into the brew. You don't have to do a full boil because it seems like your Coopers extract was pre-hopped with the bittering hops. Sounds like you should have a good batch there! Cheers!

  12. My local homebrew store sold me my first ingredients kit. It contained Cooper's Real Ale Liquid Malt Extract, Sparkling Amber DME, Corn Sugar, and Hops. In this video you boil the Liquid Malt Extract and DME, but don't use Corn Sugar. Could you please explain why? I was also told I should boil water and then add the DME, Corn Sugar, and Hops (in cloth bag), and then boil for 20 minutes. I am then supposed to remove the hops, add the Cooper's and then stir until mixed. Is this process okay?

  13. terpsichoreankid

    @jasonwillis29307 Every time I've done online shopping, it has been through Midwest (their prices are really good), but I have bought probably over half of all my ingredients from my local home brew supply stores. I like to shop local when I can–but if I'm doing a lot of buying, I'll shop around for the best prices & quality and I usually wind up at Midwest. Hope that helps! Cheers Jason!

  14. terpsichoreankid

    @whippy107 LOL Do it to it! And thank you for the kind words on my videos–it's very much appreciated. Cheers!

  15. @terpsichoreankid Wow, the answer to my question was right at the top! I WAS destined to brew, this is yet another sign! haha Thank you SO very much for your wonderful videos, This series is helping me very much to understand what I will be doing when I get to brewing. I can't wait to get started!!!

  16. terpsichoreankid

    @tgartner01 The pot I used in this video is a 20 quart (5 US gallon) pot. BUT–that is only if you fill the silly thing all the way up to the top. I effectively only boiled about 3 gallons or so of wort for this batch. The more you can boil, the better hop utilization you'll get. Cheers!

  17. terpsichoreankid

    @Exposfan4ever hahaha–that would be a crazy but sad sight indeed! Hopefully I won't have drank too many homebrews before pouring the batch… 🙂 One can only hope, right?

  18. Can't wait to see you miss the bucket when you pour the wort into it 😉

  19. terpsichoreankid

    @weirdbeer LOL I know! Terrifying, isn't it?! 🙂

  20. Holy Crap its a Tin Can. Run for the hills!!

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