Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale Soda Review – Chugging With Chuck

Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale Soda Review – Chugging With Chuck

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Welcome to Chugging With Chuck Roland! On this show Chuck tries new beers to see if they pass or fail. On today’s show Chuck is joined by Matt Zion as they try Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale Soda!

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  1. TheNecromechan1cal

    Henry's is a miller product. source – beer manager at a liquor store.

  2. Great Chugging With Chuck video!! Awesome KO shirt,Matt!! :)

  3. God the Chugging with Chucks are my favorite because you two get so damn blasted that you just become incoherently hilarious hahaha

  4. I love Henry orange soda so damn good and I just found out miller owns Henry brand

  5. have you guys tried the weird flavored sodas yet? like Pumpkin pie? or Bacon? or even Buffalo Wing??

  6. Dissent Truth-

    Use to love these type of drinks as a kid, but they'd come in different bright colors in a 'beer bottle'. I honestly can't remember the name but my mom actually saved a few so I'll definitely have to check that out and see if they're still around!

  7. Chug Lemmy Chug

  8. So gay… Nah!

  9. Leanne Zackowski

    A hard cream soda beverage would be tasty. I wonder if that's been done yet??

  10. The only thing worse than this video would be having Chris filmed for anything. The general consensus is your show is starting to suck hard with everyone that can't do shit! Pick it up bro or I am gone! The only shows I enjoy anymore is carBS because fat gross Chris or anyone else is on them! You deserve better, and we can all eat more than give up Chris! No more videos with that douche please!

  11. Sipping with Susie more like it!

  12. chug agin chug again choo choo

    looks pissy id rather have a real beer and a real ginger beer
    4.2 seems so watery weak

  13. love chuck and the show .. keep it up. yes homo

  14. Chile Kulkarni

    Henry's is Coors.

  15. Courtney Howard

    we love these, so good!

  16. We have to work on your pouring skills Chuck.

  17. I just now considered the fact that the weird penis bottle opener could potentially be used as a dildo in addition to opening bottles, possibly in the same night, even. The implications.

  18. You are welcome for the view, old man.

  19. Diggyman_seth mc

    The orange is better

  20. Dalton Sanders

    Chucks my homie lol

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