HBW 155 – Speed Brewing (Making a Coopers Beer Kit – Time Lapse)

HBW 155 – Speed Brewing (Making a Coopers Beer Kit – Time Lapse)

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Home Brew Wednesday for the week of October 29th, 2014.


  1. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  2. Dude!!….I have learned so much about home brewing from watching your videos, I am new to this and started out with 2 Mr. Beer kits (impressive for the price you pay). I have just recently graduated to a Coopers kit. Later down the road I may try my hand at a Northern Brewer Deluxe. Are you familiar with Northern Brewer kits and if so, what's your opinion on them?  Keep the great vids coming Craig!!

  3. I'd love to see more speed brews, then maybe a recap follow up so the whole process can be seen without the drag time.
    On the prices of beer, I'm a newbie on the brew scene (is that a "brewbie"?) and I know my is wondering "WTF is he getting into homebrew", cuz I've never really drank that much….  The reason for that is the price of beer! .  .  .  Cheers!

  4. Craig! This was a great idea. It was almost a little comical in some parts which takes me back man.  Great work on this vid!
    I can relate quite well b/c that's how it feels sometimes when brewing. Going a million miles a minute

  5.  i'm enjoying this english bitter kit as i watch this video – hope yours was good, mine came out well, one of the best i've done so far… not too carbonated, (more in the mouthfeel), and with a fine, slightly creamy head – ruby -ish colour, great for the winter months…
    i've been looking in on craigtube since i got started in brewing, so thanx for your work, it's a fun way to learn… more success to you…

  6. negativenickone1

    I miss brewing got to get back into it again, work has been killing me.

  7. Tenshi “AgentX13” X

    I know you made a Hard Cider video a while back but do you think you could do another and give some tips on how to sweeten it up or flavor it? Thanks! :)

  8. Hi from central New York. Our beer prices are not great, our state has some high taxes… got my first batch of brew in my closet settling after a vigorous ferment. Thanks for the inspiration! I cant wait to try this stuff.

  9. Andrew Whittington

    I noticed at the end of the speed video you made, you topped off the fermenting tank with tap water and touched it with your hand.
    Question: did you use hot or cold water when u topped it off?
    Is it OK to use regular tap hot water to top off your fermenting tank? 

  10. I love these kinds of videos Craig! hope to see more.

  11. beer in the usa is 25 for a 30 pack or any where from 4.50 to 6 for a 6 pack

  12. Andrew Scotchmer

    How did this turn out?  I've just tried brewing a Cooper's English Bitter (my first brew) but after a week in the bottle it tastes yeasty and dare I say very very "home brew".  It's also weak bodied with little head that doesn't hang around.  Within a minute or so theres no head at all unless I give it a swirl in the glass.  Then again I did have issues keeping a good temperature.  Some mornings I would check the temperature and it was as low as 14 degrees.

  13. You scared me when you said it was your last video! I almost freaked out! Ha

  14. After all these years I still like your videos the best. Thank you for turning me on to Coopers.

  15. Hi Craig, great vid. Loved the time lapse, wish I could knock a brew up that quick!! Always a joy to watch the master do what he does best. Without your knowledge I wouldn't be brewing today. It's like watching "Brewing for dummies" and teaching us how to make great beer easily. For me it's not a cost thing here in the UK but more the fact I love to try new beers and recipes. Cheers 17 :)

  16. I nearly spat my morning coffee out at the "I'm done, I retire this is my last video" lol you git Craig, legend of the brewing network! 

  17. Awesome video! I chuckled the whole way through, it's like an old Charlie Chaplin movie!

  18. I love time lapses with sound! 😀 awsome video!

  19. Derek Gillespie

    Watching Craig measure shit is hella funny.

  20. Cheers Craig!!!

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