Hank’s Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer Review (Soda Tasting #206)

Hank’s Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer Review (Soda Tasting #206)

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Hank's Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer Review (Soda Tasting #206)

Hank’s Gourmet Beverages launched their Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer in 1996.

Thank you to risinguptooppression for requesting this soda and supporting the show. Thank you, as well, to pablinigarcia, Ben Lee, bonehead0816, candouidus, rockavneck14, danielsquarepants13 and yummycocacola.

Are you a fan of Hank’s Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer? Please let me know in the comments.

Company: Hank’s Gourmet Beverages
Calories (per 12 oz.): 180
Caffeine (per 12 oz): Free
Sweetener: Cane Sugar

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  1. I am a huge fan of hanks! my favorite by far

  2. Thank you for the request and for watching the show. Unfortunately, Soda Tasting is no longer being produced. Sorry. I appreciate your time.

  3. Can you do a review of Hank's wishniak black please?

  4. Thanks for the request. Orangina is more of a sparkling juice than a soda and I try to just review drinks that would be considered sodas generally. Sorry.

  5. you can review orangina

  6. Thanks for the request, BigJMart.

  7. Thanks for the question, droldies59. Generally, I try to only review drinks that would be considered a soda (or something related to them).

  8. Do you taste even mineral water or that's no your thing?:I

  9. I'd really enjoy to see BAWLS Guarana Root Beer to be reviewed, I'm curious in seeing what it's like before I try it.

  10. Once a request has been made, it doesn't need to be made (by the same person) again. It just takes more time to read the comments. I appreciate it. 🙂

  11. Awesome. 🙂 I appreciate it.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Isaiah. 🙂

  13. Roman is actually preferable, I just wanted you to make the connection.

  14. review coca cola zero

  15. Thanks for sharing that, fishingmaniac123. I'll have to try it. I added it to my list. I appreciate your support.

  16. Thanks Brendon. 🙂

  17. Thanks for the question, Roman. It is always easiest for me to call you by whatever your screen name is displayed as, but if you'd like me to call you WillNotJump, I can try to remember. 🙂 When it comes to ratings, it is taste alone. When it comes to purchases, as you said, sure something else might make the soda catch my attention. 🙂

  18. My pleasure, yummycocacola. 🙂 I appreciate your kindness.

  19. Thanks for the comment, Hamthy727. You did, but it was after I announced my plans to celebrate episode #200. As you may recall, I am only doing one request per person. I had to plan those episodes out in advance to acquire all of the soda, so I couldn't count that request. You also requested Irn-Bru after I announced my plans, but rather than leaving you out, I decided I could fit you into one of them. Sorry for the confusion.

  20. Thanks for that, Alex. Please see my response to MrKiller6787. It is my hope that people watch the show because it is worth their time, not so that I mention them (I appreciate everyone who supports the show, very much).

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