Ginger Beer – The Ultimate Alcoholic Recipe Part 1

Ginger Beer – The Ultimate Alcoholic Recipe Part 1

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Some real annoying chap at work said I couldn’t make a clone of his favourite ginger beer. I might take a few bottles in for him 😉
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  1. Where part two and mrdespizeme u can add a lot of sugar to bring sweetness up just before bottling and after around 4 days put all ur bottles in water around 75° c for 30 minutes to kill yeast

  2. What was the final gravity? I'd like to make some for my wedding and these people that like it like crabbies which isn't very dry and a bit sweet

  3. is there anything we have to do during bottling or is it ready to drink once fermentation is done?

  4. Ok,for those of you who don't understand how fermenting works, or have never brewed before.  All fermentable sugars, will ferment out of whatever it is that your trying to make.  Wine, beer, etc.  Fully fermented, unsweet, "dry".  The only way to have a "sweet" product is to drink it before fermenting is complete, to add non-fermentable  sweeteners(lactose, maltodextrin, etc) or to kill the remaining yeast(using campden tablets etc) and then back-sweeten using a fermentable sugar.  This will also bring you another problem.  If you wish to have a fizzy drink, unless you plan to force-carbonate(using a kegging system), killing the yeast isn't an option.  After all, it is the yeasts consumption of fermentable sugars, that produces Co2.  A beverage that is bottled, while still very active in its fermentation, is where bottle bombs come from.  So, the long and short of it all is…if you wish to have a sweet fizzy drink, you must either consume all of your fermentable drink BEFORE fermentation is complete, kill the yeast, back sweeten, AND force carbonate, or use non-fermentable sugars added either to your boil, or at the bottling stage along with priming sugar.

  5. oh, and how much of each spice?

  6. either way, ill be giving it a try. my wife wants alcoholic ginger beer…

  7. is the malt extract or beer improver the blended style? half dextrose half malt? or only light malt extract?

  8. Nice recipe, i will give this a try, for summer

  9. Mathew Slattery

    Still waiting on the bottling process

  10. entire video was very clear and easy to understand, very educative, keep it up

  11. Absolutely, I used coopers carbination drops but found one wasn't enough in 500ml glass bottles. The better option is larger PET (plastic) 2ltr bottles and put a couple of heaped tablespoons in there. You can feel the bottle getting hard and let a little gas out if you get concerned!! glass and high pressure don't mix well 😉

  12. im doing this today. the music sold me

  13. HI Richard, I've just started this recipe and I just wonder do you added further sugar when bottling or carbonation drops?

  14. Just started working on it, hopefully not too long now.

  15. You can wait until the fermentation stops naturally but it will be very dry, you can stop the fermentation a little early with some fermentation stopper if you have it, it'll keep a nice natural slightly sticky sweetness then (like non diet/light fizzy drinks). I taste a sample each day towards the end and stop it when it's perfect for me.Bottling is straight forward, stick a sanitised muslin cloth over the end of your syphon though! remeber, sanitise and rinse everything….

  16. Minus the malt? Let me know how it turns out. I suspect it'll be missing a bit of body though. Stop the fermentation a little early with some fermentation stopper if you have it, it'll keep a nice natural sweetness that offsets the spice from the ginger. Unless you like it dry of course…….good luck.

  17. Jim, just stop the video at intervals and write down the info, when finished writing just start the video again (0: Good luck!
    PS. I've got this recipe on the go at the moment, it's fizzing away in the bucket and making little bubbles (0: Smells good! Thanks our Richard! Part two would be great if you have it? Not sure when I should transfer to bottles, after it's stopped working I guess, I'll take a look at some other info out there for guidelines anyway. Thanks again.

  18. Hi, great recipe! Just followed it – but minus the malt as I didn't have any! Smells great – and looking forward to the results. All the best 😉

  19. Very helpful but can to post a PDF copy of the recipe it is very hard to copy and read at the same time.
    I am very new to this so I hope I am not breaking any rules

  20. Any update on pt 2?

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