Ginger Beer Review 2012

Ginger Beer Review 2012

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Hi I’m Bing I like ginger beer.

(One year ago, I attempted this video for the first time. There was so much footage that it took a long time to edit, THEN my hard drive failed and I lost everything. So I made it again as Future Bing, one year later.)

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  1. Dickie's Beer Reviews

    too much editing…but not bad

  2. Fever Tree and Fentimans are the best.

  3. I'm a fan of Old Jamaica also. Great drink.

  4. We're all loving your review here at Old Jamaica HQ.
    Look out for Old Jamaica Extra Fiery being released this month.

  5. TheLaserSlinger

    Loved this so much. Ginger beer is also my favourite soft drink, love the stuff, so loved hearing about different brands as I've only tried about 3 or 4 different ones. I tend to stick with Old Jamaican ginger beer

  6. CaptainAbbey Abbey

    My favorite brand is Reeds, but I've just tried Bundaberg and I like it a lot too. And I'm not as strongly adverse to Fentimens as you were, but I was not happy with it. But I couldn't finish it cause it was so spicy.

  7. Dude. I tried my first Ginger beer. It was something from the Refresco Goya line of beverages. It was my first of course. It was rather sweet. You could tell it was Ginger. and the spice was like Woooooosh. You might like.

  8. 10 things we don on gingerbeer?

  9. Bundaberg is still my fave X3

  10. TheKatsProductions

    I must try this said ginger beer.

  11. that botanical one taste like dirt yuck

  12. where is it from??

  13. i love it too.. BUnda from Australia
    and Barrit's from the caribbean

  14. thia is the best ginger beer !!!! really the best drink ever

  15. try the canada dry ginger ale of the vermont ginger ale

  16. But we love you, Bing!

  17. I guess it wasn't 100% delicious.

  18. I wonder if I can find Ginger Beer here in Germany…this video made me really want to try it.

  19. Have you tried Barrs ginger beer?

  20. Try and get your hands on some Kirks Ginger Beer (another Australian one). It's my favourite, though I haven't tried the Old Jamaica.

    If you don't like it don't judge me.

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