Ginger Ale Water Kefir: How to Make Homemade Fermented Ginger Ale Using Water Kefir

Ginger Ale Water Kefir: How to Make Homemade Fermented Ginger Ale Using Water Kefir

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I have already posted a general recipe for using water kefir grains to turn sugar and water into a carbonated probiotic beverage, and today I’m posting a more detailed recipe for my favorite flavor of water kefir: ginger ale.

This post has been delayed because my water kefir grains suffered some neglect recently while I was recovering from surgery and I wasn’t sure for a while that they were going to survive. They’re still not going quite as strong as they were before that, but they are fermenting and carbonating just fine, simply a little slower. Because of that, (and possibly also affected by the warmer spring weather) I still haven’t gotten my timetable down for maximum carbonation. Because of the health of the grains and the temperature and possibly other smaller factors can affect the exact speed of fermentation, it will probably take you a bit of experimentation to achieve maximum carbonation anyway.

Here are the carbonation tips I do have:

*Cap the jar tightly on the second fermentation to trap all the carbonation gases inside.

*Make sure you don’t ferment too long, as the carbonation with start to dissipate after it peaks. (I think this is my current problem, as my water kefir is getting fizzy in its original ferment, but is flat by the time we drink it.)

*On this last batch, instead of doing a true second fermentation, I put the jar of ginger and water kefir in the refrigerator to ‘steep’. The carbonation seemed to improve slightly, so I may incorporate this strategy into my further experiments on timing for peak carbonation.

In this recipe I assume that you have already followed the steps in my basic water kefir tutorial, and have a jar or pitcher of fermented water kefir that’s ready for flavoring and a second fermentation. Note that my original tutorial makes a half gallon of water kefir, while this recipe is for flavoring a quart. This allows you to split your water kefir for different flavorings if you’d like, but you can also simply double the flavoring recipe to make a half gallon of ginger ale.

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  1. I have tried a second fermentation with juices..but it always turns out so darn sour I just can't drink it. It's a shame because I worked so hard to find healthy grains..yet..the end product just isn't palatable to me. =(

  2. Mz. Bick (Erin Nicole)

    Awesome! Great work! Have you tried coconut water with it? Ha I fermented my first batch for 5 days…Ick it turned into slime.My last batch I did water as the base liquid them my second ferment was with berries. Wonderful! I just made a video on what not to do.. Shall be up soon. Keep up the good work! I use ginger in my Kombucha, but I am new to Kefir. Great tips! Take care! – ENB

  3. Rosa Martinez-Button

    would adding a bit of lemon or peel help to make it taste more like store bought ginger ale? I know those have lemon in them. Thanks for the video.

  4. Rosa Martinez-Button

    Only use plastic sieve because aluminium or stainless steel will kill the spores. :-D

  5. hi thanks 4 the video but can i put fruits or vege for the 2nd formation

  6. Janette Rodriguez

    Hey there where do you recommend getting water kefir, I do the milk kefir and already have the seeds for that. but I am looking to get or find a water kefir seed that is already being used for gingerale , because I think it would make the process for me easier. by any chance do you share your kefir seeds ?

  7. Try adding a little more sugar on the second ferment. The kefir grains won't produce gas if all the sugar has been digested. Also, you will maintain more carbonation if you use a flip-top bottle.

  8. Muhammad Muhammad

    perfect ^_^

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