Ginger ale recipe, ginger ale

Ginger ale recipe, ginger ale

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For those of you who are big fans of ginger ale this is a quick and fun recipe that you can use to make your own ginger ale! While it’s quicker and less hassle to just go buy a bottle of ginger ale from the store, in my opinion the taste of homemade ginger ale is much bolder and has a bit more kick than anything you will get from the store. Ginger is a strong root and a little bit goes a long way.
2 Tbsp fine grated ginger
1 Cup Sugar (white or brown)
½ Cup Water
Small amount of fresh squeezed lemon or lime (optional, season to taste)
Add the ginger, sugar, and water to a saucepan and cook on medium heat till all sugar is dissolved. Remove it from the cooking surface and let it sit for at least one hour. Use a strainer to strain the ginger pieces out of the sauce and place the remaining syrup in a bowl. Add 3 to 4 Tablespoons to some unflavored carbonated water (about 8oz) and enjoy your fresh drink!
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  1. does it need to be thick ??

  2. Do you really need to use that kind of amount of sugar? Or have you tried using honey instead of sugar? 🙂 I hate sugar, that's why :D

  3. can u teach us how to make Dr. Pepper please?

  4. Ramesh Govindaraju

    can we use normal water instead of carbonated water? Does it change the taste?
    Because i don't get it in my place.

  5. wow, just wow. Thanks!

  6. what a great video. a few weeks ago i went to a korean restaurant and they had house made ginger ale….well, they had the juice and then you could go to the soda fountain and add your carbonated water. omg, it was amazing! im gonna try this out for myself.

  7. you sound like a black person

  8. Mine did just taste ginger and sugar :(

  9. That grater is so funny!

  10. I'd really love to try this. I cant find carbonated water where I live so easily but now I have a reason to hunt for it. lol

  11. Buy a Soda Stream and carbonate your own water. Save the planet with eliminating plastic!

  12. It looks pretty quick easy and tasty…
    just a ginger sirup and carbonated water…
    i think i'll try it!

    * i don't know what salted water is..i live in greece.

  13. it would be better if you bake the ginger first ..

  14. I have made this and it is delicious…thanks for sharing! :)

  15. threedogwrite

    A great simple recipe.  Thanks.  How long will the ginger syrup last in the refrigerator?

  16. Miguel Angel Melgar Cisneros

    Así de fácil era.  Y soda limón en Perú será igual?

  17. It was good but mine came out spicy :/ not as good as store bought. :p

  18. Ha ha "Perfect".. I've made ginger drink in the past. Your recipe explained how to do it simple and easy! ! !

  19. lorettasuch lewis

    Hi great video!! Can you get the same results if you use the juice from ginger that has been processed in a juicer?

  20. Great recipe tried it out am starting to strain it can't wait to taste

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