Fermented Ginger Beer

Fermented Ginger Beer

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Major tools you will need to make 3 gallons of Ginger Beer – Note this is the BASE RECIPE. I did things a little differently in the video (namely using less sugar and using a wine yeast, and adding juniper berries & Galangal root)

Pot big enough to cook the ginger in 1 gallon of water
A container big enough to hold 3 gallons of liquid
Grolsch Style bottles (3 gallons yield ~ 24 500ml bottles)
Liquid thermometer (optional)
Depending on your style of preparing the ginger you can use:
1.Grater (optional)
2. Food Processor or heavy duty blender (optional)
4. Teaspoon for peeling ginger (you would use for eating not for measuring)

~ 9inches of Ginger Root (yields about 2 cups of grated ginger)
(optional) – you can replace or add Galangal root to the recipe to taste
3 gallons of Water
6 Lemons (juiced)
6 Cups Granulated Sugar
¼ tsp bread yeast (I used Lalvin EC-1118 which is a wine yeast in the video)

Simple Directions:

Put cut or grated ginger root into 1 gallon of low boiling water for 12-20min

In a separate container put 2 gallons cool water, lemon juice & sugar

Strain out ginger and add to cool water mixture

In a separate small container or cup put in some of the warm mixture and add the yeast (temp should be around 80 degrees F for bread yeast).

When it foams up a bit, add to big mixture

Stir vigorously to aerate

Fill Bottles and keep in a warm dark place.

Ferment for 24-48 hrs then refrigerate.

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  1. did he just say that ginger ale cures hanghovers????? What ????

  2. C.L. Burrough

    Great video, I have to try this recipe

  3. Levo Levaquin

    Love this video…. thanks… got the ginger beer cooling now awaiting fermentation. I'm going to dry a few spices but not going to change it up much…..

  4. I leave the ginger in the fermenter to add the flavour and sive after 

  5. Edgar Guerrero

    Great video! Thanks

  6. You spend a lot of time talking about the peel and the little bits of skin.

  7. sukeria Wayan

    Thanks I will tray

  8. Thanks I will tray

  9. why can I not just use a mason jar with lid???

  10. 1.5 c of sugar per gallon works out very well. I add extra ginger, I like my ginger beer to have some pazzz.
    Why remove the peel, it will naturally ferment your wort. That way you do not need to add yeast.
    I let it gas off for 3 days, prior to bottling.
    I truly enjoy your video.
    GOTO YT and look up ginger bug, it may surprise U
    Take Care

  11. Is this an alcoholic ginger beer?

  12. you are knowledgable …..tanks

  13. alluringcharm5

    very informative. Thank you.

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