Essential equipment for home brewing beer

Essential equipment for home brewing beer

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A quick gallop through the equipment that I use to brew beer in the ‘Mitchell Brewery’ (my shed!). The equipment featured includes the following:

* Brupak 2kW Electric boiler, 29 litre capacity £150 (
* Brupak Insulated Mash Tun, 30 litre capacity £75
* Immersion wort chiller – copper coil, £50-£52
* Fermentation bin, 25 litre capacity £8-£9
* Pressure barrel, 25 litre capacity £21-£23
* Thermometers £2-3 each
* Bottles, Grolsh-style fliptop lids, please scrounge off your mates (repay with beer)!
* Book “Brew your own British Real Ale” from CAMRA, £15
* CAMRA subscription, £23 per year
* Website – – look out for CliveJM (thats me!)
* Ingredients – Malt, 5kg £7.50; Hops, 100g £2.88: Yeast sachet £2 (; Electricity approx. £1.20; Brewing 40 pints = 35p a pint

All the best and happy brewing


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  1. How do you rate the boiler clive? Im thinking about getting one.

  2. Dimitris Milionis

    Do you filter your beer after the fermentation stage for clarity, if so how?

  3. José Damián Bazaga Ruiz

    Hi man!

    Really useful video. All the items you need to gain access to the world of home-brewing!

  4. Thanks Jon, I appreciate it, hope you get on OK with the brewing, I've just had a copy of 'Clone Brews: Recipes for 200 commercial beers' by Tess and Mark Szamatulski – its an American book but full of great beers. Watch out for my next vid as I'll probably try the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, can't wait! cheers Clive

  5. Love watching your vids, Clive. This one was very helpful and I have bought the boiler and mash tun through Brupaks (as I get a discount with them). Cheers.

  6. Eli Appleby-Donald

    thanks – I came across this video when I was researching kit to go to all grain.
    I'm off to buy the kit.

  7. Hanworth Homebrew

    Welcome back ! A few of us around the country are trying to raise the profile of homebrewing in the UK. A Homebrew Revoloution is coming watch this space…. Any questions PM me. Cheers

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