Episode 002 – Basic Beer Brewing Equipment – Part Two

Episode 002 – Basic Beer Brewing Equipment – Part Two

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Episode 002 - Basic Beer Brewing Equipment - Part Two

An overview of additional brewing equipment that makes the home beer brewing process easier. All the equipment featured can be found at Homebrewers.com
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  1. uhhhhh ummm uhhhh

  2. erm erm erm erm erm erm erm every 3 words!

  3. Love the videos dude……..im thinking about brewing and love your presentation.

  4. @Engineer245 You are too funny. luv yur spllen 2.

  5. Nice kits man. While stoping the uh's and um's is a target it is like spelling. Only important to an English Teacher. We are making beer hear therefore our speach and spleling cud git wurs !

  6. Ok, your information and presentation is good. But you say, "uh. . .," and, "um. . .," so many times that it makes me never want to see any of your videos again. . . .

    Calm down, know what your going to say, deliver.

  7. shut up…. let him present it however he wants he is getting good information through to his viewers that's all that matters

  8. I can tell you were nervous. But you know what you're talking about so be cocky my good man! You deserve it.

  9. If you want a more professional sounding presentation, take out the UMMMMs and UHs. They are unnecessary and demonstrate unprofessional presentation skills. Its really not that hard. There is nothing wrong with silence where the UH would go.

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