Episode 001 – Basic Beer Brewing Equipment – Part One

Episode 001 – Basic Beer Brewing Equipment – Part One

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An overview of all the basic equipment you need to brew five gallons of delicious beer in your home. All the equipment featured in this video can be found at Homebrewers.com
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  1. give this guy the world record for saying umm

  2. holysnappingarsehole

    i have been home brewing for 20 years,i don't believe in cheating and missing steps,but i do like to keep things simple,check out my vids and you'll see what i mean(hope it helps somewhat)…

  3. @bsaavedra1 You noticed too huh? Very informative. I bought a kit about 2 years ago, and have still yet to make it. Need to find out what each part is…but the uhmmmmmmm, what is the word I am looking for….uhmmmmmmmm….aw hell, forget it!!

  4. ummmmmmmmmmmm

  5. @bsaavedra1 Is lip smacking a word too?

  6. seems like a nice guy, this is useful, but the most used word in this video is "uhmmm. uhmmm"

  7. try ebay,,or google home brewing,

  8. where can i actually buy all this equipment online?

  9. Putting santitizer in your airlock is standard operating proceedure. Try it and you will probably notice a better success rate in the brews you try. Cheers mate!

  10. I would never put sanitizer in my airlock. That box is pretty small for a brew kit. What's the starting gravity on that thing, 1.035? Are you the owner of a brew supply shop?

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