Easy homebrewing! “Simply beer kit”

Easy homebrewing! “Simply beer kit”

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Easy homebrewing!

Home Brew Online asked me to brew and review this hopped malt extract beer kit. HERE it is! Cheers 🙂

Music by Josh Woodward, “The Raven and the Swan” Creative Commons


  1. johannes koedood

    aha a dutch brewer

  2. Ohio Trucker Mr. Wright

    I brrwed my first batch of amber ale I was told that I can do it with just the extract glucose and brewers yeast but the beer came out kind of a bitter and with no head whatsoever any insight would be helpful thank you

  3. Reason4Termination


    Three liters of what? Love water?

  4. thank goodness, someone that deals in metric!

  5. mark gooch (home brew tips)

    nice kit

  6. Watch this video worth a look if your starting out brewing for the first time, you get to learn quickly how to do it

  7. Plastic fermenters are not very aesthetic… 

  8. homebeerbrewery

    Bedankt, ik woon inderdaad in Nederland. Bier daar 10 keer duurder? HELP! Ik hoor graag van je wat je aan het brouwen bent, veel succes ermee en proost!

  9. Harald van de Goor

    hey dude I moved to norway (from holland) the beer here is about 10 times more expensive as in holland. so when I stumbeled on to this in a paint shop ;), I just bought the stuff because I like to do new stuff and then yeah when it comes to beer theres no doubt. Ìm starting right now on the brew. but dude I gues you are dutch too right. the way the speak english sounds so dutch!! haha. well Im gonna make me some beer now!!!! thanks for the movie!

  10. homebeerbrewery

    You are right about this in my opinion but normal table sugar will do the job. Everybody does have some table sugar right? Again, you are right. Cheers 🙂

  11. Hey, thanks for the video! I bought this kit during the getting started part of the instructions on the simply mix it says to add the 1kg of sigar to the mix. But when it comes to bottling, it says to add a level teaspoon of sugar per bottle. But the kit only comes with the 1kg bag which got added to the mix, so now I have to go buy more sugar. So this isn't a complete kit!

  12. Certainly is 🙂

  13. Not sure you can call it homebrewing; you're barely just mixing prepackaged ingredients and then you wait. It's good if you want to keep it easy, but it's taking away a lot of the charm of brewing your own beer from scratch.

  14. Great video, I'm currently brewing kit from this range. I was wondering how long you kept yours in the primary fermenter? Instructions state waiting up to 8 days until fermentation has ceased & then bottling/kegging, however I've read some brewers leave their brews in the primary for up to 3 weeks. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  15. homebeerbrewery

    Thank you, do you mean a short manual in the more info section or by each step a "subtitle" to explain what I am doing? Please let me know. Cheers

  16. homebeerbrewery

    Thanks! Hopefully it helps some people. Cheers

  17. its a cool video, can you add the written procedures?

  18. homebeerbrewery

    Welcome, can you do it another time? Being the first one who is commenting on my next video? Will see you 😉 Cheers and thanks for your comment

  19. homebeerbrewery

    Thank you Stephen! Cheers my friend

  20. homebeerbrewery

    Thank you Sir! Cheers

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