Easy homebrewing – Coopers Ginger Beer

Easy homebrewing – Coopers Ginger Beer

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Easy homebrewing - Coopers Ginger Beer

Brewing a Coopers Ginger Beer, adding some extra spicy flavour to it.
Thanks to Glenn (homebeerbrewery) for sending me this nice kit!
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  1. Hi there
    Now that you've tasted the result of your work, would you add or reduce the amount of coriander, cinnamon etc?
    Would you add extra ginger also? Great Video by the way. 

  2. Peter Thompson

    Mate did you have a few beers before you made this video ??

  3. Il be brewing one of these kits soon. My local home brew shop sells a ginger beer yeast so i'm going to try that as well.

  4. Just started my batch of Coopers Ginger beer yesterday. Cant wait to see how yours turns out. Good luck

  5. thanks glenn, and for this kit too!

  6. homebeerbrewery

    Good video as usual! Let us know how the kit turns out ok? Cheers

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