Easy Home Brewing with a Cooper’s Micro Brew Kit

Easy Home Brewing with a Cooper’s Micro Brew Kit

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This is a great way to acquire the equipment you’ll need to make your first, and many batches of home made beer. Easy, satisfying, and inexpensive. Go to http://us.diybeer.com/?Click=276 to order yours!


  1. try

  2. hi 
    i tray do it at home . it was good ,and thank you .
    could you give me your gmail ? i will be happy .
    and this is my gmail
    ali99002016 @ gmail. com 
    thanks again.

  3. Phil Anderson

    thanks for the vid…. much less awkward than the Coopers Paul Mercurio instructional video.

  4. £67? what the heck lol

  5. Thanks for the video Craig..

  6. captainpegs07

    I got a free plastic pail fermenter but I suspect it was cleaned out with soap.  I read that if you use soap that it leaves a residue and your beer will be flat.  Is this true and is there any way to get rid of the soap residue??

  7. Fennec Besixdouze

    I'm pretty impressed that it comes with a hydrometer! Even the all-grain kits here typically don't come with one! Cheers to Coopers, haha!

  8. hi craig…the kit that they show in their video has no air lock at the top..can you explain why or did i miss something…appreciate the informational videos. thanks from Edmonton

  9. I dont like the look of the tap at the bottom of the fermenter at 2.37I bet more than one or two have been snapped off. 5 gallons of sticky half fermented beer on the floor. Divorce proceedings imminent!

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  11. Duane Richards (DISIUMS)

    your tap water, is it well water or city? 

  12. So you don't need to buy hops?

  13. Great video. Thanks very much for making and sharing it. I just got one of the newer coopers kits and thought your video was a clearer guide!

  14. Just mixed in and started my very first batch, made a crapload of misstakes but im praying and hoping it wont be a disaster :D

  15. Sureste Brewing

    Good video for beginners!! My episode 4 goes in a similar way.

  16. great video! thanks for making it.

  17. I enjoyed this. I purchased a can of coopers to use with my own equipment. Tomorrow morning.  Thank you. John in Indiana.

  18. Great "How To" video,thanks.

  19. Dan Webster (Paw Paw)


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