Easy Home Brewing – Coopers IPA with Extra Hops

Easy Home Brewing – Coopers IPA with Extra Hops

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Easy Home Brewing - Coopers IPA with Extra Hops

This video shows an easy method I use to brew a simple Coopers IPA in about 45 minutes. Beer kits tend to lack in hop aroma and flavor. I use this method to bang out quick batches to fill the pipeline when I’m strapped for time. It makes pretty damn decent beer.


  1. Joseph O'Driscoll

    Craig!!!!!! I am begging your forgiveness! I brewed the IPA the way you told me and its WONDERFUL!!!! You do have great taste buds and you way is tops!!! Again I'm sorry for my inpatient ignorance! Cheers!

  2. santiago fleming

    hi craig! nice beer! i'm a beginner.  i want make a honey beer, can i add the honey in the bottle? like a candy with fermentation?

    regards from Argentina

  3. Thank you very much. You rock.
    Just started brewing beer thanks to you. Had my first coopers lager last night

  4. Christopher O'driscoll

    Craig! I just brewed the Coopers Australian lager added the beer enhancer 1 and pitched the yeast at 24degrees. drew a bit off for the hydrometer and after tasted it and christ is it bitter. Is this normal?

  5. this guy is a real comedian, he is sterilizing things but look at his cleanroom, cobwebs chipping paint all over the place… a true alkie!!

  6. garden hoses are toxic and make things taste shitty, just for your edification.

  7. stop smacking your lips, didn't you have a mother!

  8. Christopher O'driscoll

    Craig…Do you live in Hamilton,Ontario? I live in Hamilton and I notice you just use tap water…If you do live here is the water ok???? Love yer videos mate.

  9. Thanks craig. I finally got round to making this brew. After letting it sit for 3 weeks its carbonated beautifully with a creamy head and tastes fantastic. Well done, mate.

  10. Blind Beer Taster

    Craig, this is my new, not too serious channel. I've just subscribed . Hope you will subscribe. AKA Real Ale Up North. :-)

  11. I've just bought this kit.. I cannot see any other way of doing it like yours Craig. Thanks for the video. 

  12. Cool vid

  13. hi craig I will be bottling my ipa with 1oz of pellet cascade hops but both times I did hyrometre reading there was a lot of hops floating around as I said I made it to a T the same as u did so is this normal? and will the beer have floating hops in it after secondary or will it settle to bottom of bottles? pls answer as it has me worried!

  14. hi again Craig… I must say I can watch your vids over n over again for hours there absolutely great.. But I write to you tonight all the way from down under in Australia to suggest a brew/recipe I have just sampled tonite which was amazing!! I would LOVE for you to make it as I am positive you would enjoy it very much. ok here goes now I don't know if you are a draught beer drinker unfortunately as im a new subscriber and have not got round to watching all you tubes yet but PROMISE!! to do so very soon. Ingredients are simple and consist of, Thomas coopers traditional draught, 600grams dextrose, 250 grams light dry malt, 250 grams maltodextrin & finally 15 grams of cluster hops. that's it very basic. 1 month secondary fermentation/ ageing is recommended as a minimum. so there it is my friend really really hope you try this beauty. cheerz

  15. Hi there Craig, All the way from down under here in Australia were Im proud to say Coopers among a few other Aussie & or neighbours New Zealand make some of the finest can malt brews on the market today!! I just wanted to let you know I have just today purchased 2 kits of the THOMAS COOPERS IPA from my local homebrew shop who was also kind enough to make me up 2 mixed bags of 700g DEX 500g LDM and finally 2 bags of 28grams of cascade pellet hops… this will be my FIRST brew I have made from watching a youtube video But! by far not my first brew.. I have been enjoying making very basic, per kit instructions brews for many years now with very good results 99% of the time but I was getting board with the same old same old and wanted to thank you for making this video that has given me a push in the direction to experiment more with my brewing!! & try new ideas that guys like you have MASTERED and take your time to share with all of use fellow you tubes… SO A BIG CHEERS FORM AUSSIE MATE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK P.S WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT..

  16. Easy Home Brewing – Coopers IPA with Extra Hops: http://youtu.be/uL5IaFD5k7g

  17. Hi Craig
    I enjoy your videos, I took your advice added the extra Hops during the boil and also 2 oz of dry hops turned out good and was a very fast way to make 5Gal of beer.

    . Thanks Again
     From Ohio USA

  18. Could you use 2 malt extracts and 500 grams of dextrose and still get an average 5.6% alcohol beer and a good sustained head?

  19. Anders Wilhelmsson

    HI! first of all i wana say that you fucking rock man! you've made it easier for me and my brewing in a lot kind of ways, so thank you, i  appreciate it very very much! 
    sorry for any language errors but hey, im from sweden 😀 

  20. Hi there, great vid! I'm planning to use the exact same Coopers kit and ill add 1kg of cane sugar. Next I'm planning to add hops during silent fermentation for aroma. I've bought 100g cascade, and 50g of mosaic and citra. How much should I add so i dont over do it?

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