Easy Home Brewing Beer with Honey

Easy Home Brewing Beer with Honey

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Easy Home Brewing Beer with Honey

Instead of just using sugar in your extract brew, why not use something with flavor. Honey is easily accessible and a great substitute for plain old sugar.


  1. Thanks for the Video, Craig. I'm going to start tomorrow!!

  2. Aww you mad bro….?

  3. he looks like whitey from me myself and irene lol!!

  4. You're like the professor of booze lol

  5. Hey Craig I sent you a question on your Facebook about brewing beer I would like to try it and I'm getting a Mr beer kit love the videos keep them coming 

  6. Hey Craig, What do you think about using honey to prime your bottles with? If you could let me know your opinion on that, that would be really great! Thanks!

  7. Good evening, I suffer from two problems when making wine first one the wine has the taste of fruit rot second problem bitter taste How can I get rid of the problem.
    I Use only the yeast, sugar and grape juice and sterilization tools

  8. I'm giving this home brewing thing a real hard consideration. From watching several of your videos now it looks pretty easy. (I also just subbed to your channel) Anyway, where in central Ontario, Canada can you buy beer making starter kits like the Coopers kit I've seen you feature in previous videos? I would prefer to buy it at a retail store, rather then dealing with online only b/c of several bad experiences with purchasing things online and having them arrive either broken, missing things or even stolen off my front porch! So if you (or anyone) could point me in the right direction about where/how to get started, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your videos, btw.

  9. Honey and malt together is called a braggot. My family has brewed braggot for generations. Instead of hops we generally use horehound, spruce and elder flowers.

  10. Hi
    Do you have a Facebookgroup?

    Greetings From Denmark

  11. Love your work!
    I use honey all the time with Coopers kits.  Local proper honey, not the stuff you buy at Bi-Lo. I use up to 500g with 1.5 kgs of Brew Enhancer 2 in a Dark Ale. I sometimes put a spoonful of molasses in for good measure. I always brew from cold, I never check temps or hydrometer. I let it go for 1 month before bottling then I prime the bottles with a squirt of honey. Ready to drink in 3 weeks but 12 weeks is much better, not that they ever last that long…. 

  12. Nigel A. Hughey

    Nice video m8! Very helpful

  13. Terry Kyriakakis

    Cheers Mate Good Job Love Your Work!!!!

  14. HomeBrewTips.net

    i love it when people put up videos that are full of information and get straight to the point well done Easy Home Brewing Beer with Honey

    Home Brewing Tips

  15. Randall Schoverling

    I did this with my last batch. I added some honey in with the yeast, but I'm afraid it may change the yeast profile?

  16. Craig what do you think to me using 2 packs of dark brown sugar 500g plus 454g of honey , would the beer be ok or to sweet or just plain crap ?

  17. FloridaSportsman

    Craig, have you tried adding molasses? 

  18. hi craig do you think i can use a can of coopers austrialian pale ale instead of coopers lager can?

  19. You probably already know this by now craig, but when your cleaning out the can of extract with hot water a nifty trick to get the stuff off the lid is to pour the hot water mixture out of the can over the lid. Two birds with one stone 🙂 Thanks for your videos!

  20. 7:03 so your left..

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