Easy Home Brewing – Basic Beer Making for Beginners (Back to Basics)

Easy Home Brewing – Basic Beer Making for Beginners (Back to Basics)

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This is a basic beginner’s guide on how to brew a simple pre-hopped beer kit. The video covers most of the fundamentals that a new brewer should know before brewing their first batch. Links and info below…

For all your equipment needs (including StarSan sanitizer):

Coopers DIY complete starter kit: http://us.diybeer.com/?Click=276

Mr. Beer starter kit: http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-7141149-10367795

All about Airlocks: http://youtu.be/4WMc0xDbEbo
All about Hydrometers: http://youtu.be/GTvmYaQq6Mc
Very detailed review of a Mr. Beer kit: http://youtu.be/PbnwUaCx_Zo
Adding extra HOPS to a Coopers beer kit: http://youtu.be/uL5IaFD5k7g
Partial Extract Brewing – Easy English Porter: http://youtu.be/jxixrzoLWSI
Brewing a Brewer’s Best beer kit: http://youtu.be/4QWTCGNEU6s
Brewing another Brewer’s best beer kit: http://youtu.be/sdtXt4-tips
Brewing All Grain on the stove: http://youtu.be/EetWOTNZ-As
Introduction to Kegging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbjGjXVXqpw&feature=share&list=PL2A9257341E3DF381
How to improve a Coopers beer kit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWISaKyMDg4&feature=share&list=PL2A9257341E3DF381


Coopers Brew Enhancer ingredients:
Coopers Brewing Sugar: 80% dextrose, 20% maltodextrin
Brew Enhancer 1: 60% dextrose, 40% maltodextrin
Brew Enhancer 2: 500g dextrose, 250g maltodextrin, 250g light Dry Malt Extract
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  1. Just discovered your channel and this was the first of your videos I watched. As someone new to brewing beer I found your video to be very informative without being overwhelming. I'm looking forward to viewing the rest of your videos. Thanks for taking your time to create clear, informative videos.

  2. hey Craig,  have missed the Friday cast but no longer

  3. hi Craig, yesterday follow your intructions, today the air- lock is very active.. first brew day one. a lot of videos, good info. thanks

  4. hey, soon i start brewing myself. good videos. i'll let know how it goes. greetz Don, the Netherlands

  5. Thanks for your videos on Home Brewing for beginners. I'm new to your channel, and really enjoy learning about how to get started brewing. The fun is about to begin!! 🙂 

  6. Bob Ross of Beer Brewing. Loved it.

  7. Thanks for the vid, using the sanitizer that come with the coopers diy, can you leave the residue in the wart and bottles or rince everything. Cheers.

  8. Hello Craig, Just like to say thanks for posting the great videos on beer brewing. I have just bottles my first brew made with the new Coopers Kit. I have made the decision to enter the kegging sphere and bought a kegerator along with two 19 litre S/Steel kegs in which to put my second brew, a Muntons connoisseur Yorkshire bitter. I'm looking forward to trying it out.
    I find it great that you seem to like the Coopers kits as I live in Adelaide, South Australia where these kits are made by the Coopers Brewery. I don't know if you can get the Coopers beers in the USA but if you can I suggest you try their Sparkling Ale or Pale Ale – nectar of the gods for a commercial beer.

    All the best,
    Peter Clarke.

  9. Helmut Sorensen

    Great video and helpful to a newbie like me. I look forward to watching more.

  10. ApriliaGuy1969

    Cooper's do make some really good kits and with a few little extra's one can make a really really drinkable brew..

  11. Great video just done the same beer kit !

  12. John Coonradt jr.

    You put city water in your beer I thought that you were suppose to use clean water you bye. The city water has chemicals in it.

  13. Love the big funnel.

  14. shane collins (skysearcher)

    I don't drink beer but just watched this and got a kit.

  15. Awesome video, Craig!

  16. Sorry if you answered this already but did you just put pressure barrel in fridge to keep it cold? Thanks 

  17. Thanks for a very helpful video!!  Noticed the New Zealand scarf in the final scene there, which, funnily enough, is where I am!  How did you come by it?  Cheers!  🙂 

  18. Thanks for the very helpful video. We're making beer to save money and its fun too. The kits are perfect for people like us!

  19. You kick ass. :-)

  20. that was the best vid on home brewing that I've come across thanks for all the info now that I have time to brew

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