Easy Brewing – Making Irish Stout and Yorkshire Bitter Better Brew kits

Easy Brewing – Making Irish Stout and Yorkshire Bitter Better Brew kits

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I was going to post this as a Homebrew Wednesday but it was a bit long and I didnt want to edit it out to make it shorter.

This vid shows just how easy it can be to do homebrew kit beers.

I get just under 40 litres of beer going in under an hour for around 1/7th of pub prices


  1. I have a problem with this beer in 11 days now is fermenting , It is normal??

  2. Keep brewing 17

  3. homebeerbrewery

    Great video! Keep them coming! Cheers 17

  4. DarkstarBrewing

    The clearer buckets are great, I do tend to cover them in a bin liner or something though to stop the light getting to the beer, which is something I do not do with the white buckets I have.

  5. Nice video keep them coming. I love the ferm buckets in the UK. I can only get white buckets here

  6. DarkstarBrewing

    Thanks. I'll be putting it on Tap on Saturday, so its still fairly young at 2 weeks old but as its corny keg carbonated, its very pleasant to drink already.

  7. DarkstarBrewing

    LOL cheers 17

  8. DarkstarBrewing

    I doubt she would believe me Justme, but the vid should show how easy it can be, I enjoy both the brewing and the drinking so I get double the fun out of it 😀

  9. DarkstarBrewing

    It took forever to do ABA as I had never tried it before, but I have now found some software that makes syncing the 2 videos ready to edit a doddle so I will be doing more multi camera stuff in future.

  10. Love the duel camera/editing! Very pro!

  11. Hanworth Homebrew

    fantastic video keep them coming … we may have a new star even if it is a DARK star lol cheers 17

  12. could you by chance talk to my wife about how fun and easy it is to brew !!! (i tried but she thought i was lying to her ) .Also can i come to your party : )

  13. Nice video, great 80 pints brew day!

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