Easy All Grain Brewing – Batch Sparge Method

Easy All Grain Brewing – Batch Sparge Method

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Dorky but functional guide to easy all grain brewing. Extract brewers, you can do it! I follow the Denny Conn method of batch sparging.

*** Please Note – you DO return the vorlauf wort back into the mash tun. I did not film this step. ****

More details and guides to building some of this equipment: http://www.donosborn.com/homebrew/all_grain_how_to.htm


  1. Where did you get your drip tray, and what is the dimension from front to back?  The ones of similar(looking) size I see for sale at NB are 6" and I don't think 1) I need something that wide to rest a pint glass on and 2) wider than what it looks you've got here.

  2. This message is for the newer brewers and not a comment to this nice video you published. I went 3 years with the toilet snake thingy with OK success. My efficiency went through the roof, and my beer was much more amazing with a false bottom. I know a professional craft brewer who said that even flow through the grain bed is critical. The false bottom provides greater area to achieve this.

  3. These are fresh wort kits and cubes:


    The kits are pretty expensive, but it does give an all-grain result for no effort.

  4. Great video. Pretty much my method, although I use 'no chill', transferring the hot wort into plastic 'cubes' (that's what we call those plastic storage containers here in Australia). Then you can either let them just cool down unaided or, as I do, use the pool-cooler.

  5. Andrew Mosbarger

    Can you collect the first runnings and then add the water at 185 degrees or do you have to add the boiling water to the mash first?

  6. +donosborn  Do you always heat your sparge water to 185 when doing batch sparging. Or is it a recipe thing like the mash temp?

  7. You make this look so simple. I'm an advanced beginner, and I've brewed partial mash with extract, and some have turned out pretty good.  My one attempt at all grain didn't turn out so well, but I didn't sparge.  Never saw a good example of what sparging is until this video.  Definitely going to start doing it this way.  Thanks for the very informative video.

  8. Well made vid.

  9.  get an auto-siphon instead of a pitcher. you will get higher yield 

  10. I just got done a batch last weekend . That makes about 6 times with this method and seems to be consistent. 

  11. great video. very well done.

  12. This is an exemplary video, it would be great if other YT film-makers could learn that what people want is clear and concise information, not 45 mins filled out with repetition, gaps for thinking and lots of 'ums'. Fine job Dono.

  13. Your vids have helped me build my tun and wort chiller. Now it's time to get away from extract-only brewing. Thanks Don!

  14. Vinicius Da Silva

    Muito bom, bem simples e caseiro. Parabéns.

  15. Excellent video. Short, but only in that it's concise. Enjoy the steam. 

  16. Wesley Willyard

    Don.  Thanks for the video.  I have made several batches now with this method.  They have all been great. Thanks again!

  17. Hi Don. How many minutes do you keep the batch sparge strike water in the mash tun?

  18. what did you do with that initial 2 quarts of wort? did you "sparge" it back into the mash ton?

  19. Awesome video!

  20. Nice video, I like the "keep it simple" approach.

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