Does ginger ale really help with stomach aches? – Big Questions – (Ep. 44)

Does ginger ale really help with stomach aches? – Big Questions – (Ep. 44)

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A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, Kevin asks, “Does ginger ale really help with stomach aches?”

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  1. I had a tummy ake and I had ginger ale and it help!

  2. If you don't like spicy things, buy several different natural ginger beers. I only had a Jamaican ginger beer on hand one time, and that thing was spicy. Wasn't even supposed to be.

  3. I'm sick and it helped

  4. Thanks for saying Soda and not Pop.

  5. SirLobsterman

    ginger helped me with my chemotherapy, but it might subjective, it might work differently with different people, some people may be more sensitive to ginger than others, either way, it worked for me.

  6. Michael Simmons

    Placebo effect I guess.

  7. The only ginger ale that has really helped me with nausea was Schweppes, which is interesting cause it's one of the "natural ingredients" ginger ales rather than the ones that advertise ginger in it. Still, it's going to continue to be my go-to upset stoumach drink for as long as it helps.

  8. Patricia Leary

    You are completely leaving out of the discussion one huge MAJOR ingredient in ginger ale – SUGAR (and massive amounts I might add.) Why would one try to cure a symptom such as nausea with a TOXIN? Instead of sugar, why not add, oh, let's say, arsenic or something similarly benign as sugar so as to not even merit mention? Just a thought.

  9. RaptureRocker

    In Michigan, we cure everything with Vernors.

  10. for stomach problems a spoonful of baking soda

  11. Tenacious Dean

    What about Biscuits?

  12. Here's a question I've always wondered… why are the words "Quixote" and "Quixotic" pronounced differently, if the latter is a derivative of the name? Thanks for doing these videos

  13. mysilentcries0

    Why do spiders not stick to their webs?

  14. Joel Jacklich

    The world's best ginger ale is Vernor's. (Although it has changed its formula since I first drank it in the 50s, and is not quite as potent as to once was, it is still the best out there.)

  15. During my first trimester of pregnancy I could barely keep water down, so I drank Canada Dry almost exclusively for about a month. The gas in it did help me digest it, as did (I think) the high sugar content. Not sure the actual ginger in it did much, as ginger tea didn't go down as well, and putting ginger in food didn't help much at all – though I've known women who swore by it.

    Another thing that didn't help was mint, which I found strange because it had always helped in the past with stomach bugs. Now just the smell of it made me want to throw up (that was the case with most things, though ^^). So I think it all depends on the cause of the nausea and on the person.

  16. Kelly Jackson

    Yes it does Dialysis patients are provided gingerale to help ease some discomfort. It's Canada Dry of course.

  17. TheCutestRulerOfEvil

    Will having my laptop on my stomach while I use it give me cancer?

  18. Ben VanderStouw

    Why do we vomit when we see something gross?

  19. where did the phrase pet peeve come from?

  20. why are some people always cold??? aka me and it drives me nuts! Also how to remedy this?

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