Craft a Brew – BREWING

Craft a Brew – BREWING

- in Beer Brewing Kit

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  1. i so same glassbottle for sale 5 liters…..said under- not for food products….

  2. I just bought this kit and finished my first setup. The instructions were easy. I just found this video (after I went through the instructions and setup!)… and guess what, I set it up correctly. Going to pull up a chair and stare at the bottle for the next two weeks.

  3. Finally opened my beer making kit and boy o boy, those instructions suck. The manual that came with lists the items in the box, but does not mention anywhere in the steps what to do with them. So I watch the vid… it’s two hipsters drinking beer and barely explaining anything as well.

    I think I might have beer in 2 weeks from now, but I am not sure what it’s going to taste like. 

    On the bright side, it did make my house smell like IPA….

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