Coopers Ginger Beer HHBW

Coopers Ginger Beer HHBW

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Making a Coopers Ginger Beer


  1. DoubleDiamondStudio

    I love DME… I eat it with a spoon, sometimes I put it on a spoon in my coffee taste like creamer LOL….BREW on! said PISSed the yeast LOL…Tom HighlandMedia 17 (on all your new videos u should say pissed the yeast and dont tell anyone) and see how many comments and shares you get…..

  2. never had a ginger beer myself. ill be interested to see how you like it. cheers

  3. Give em hell, Strat!  Cheers for all you do!

  4. cheshirehomebrew

    Looks good Strat,I think tbe batch size would be too much for me but I do like the odd ginger beer,
    Cheers mate-hhb

  5. Way to keep up the home brewing, Strat!

  6. Rich's World Beer Tour

    I've never had a Ginger Beer but I've seen lots of people liking them.  It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.  Cheers!

  7. GingRealAleTrail

    my brother likes to make beer i have only done the one and that was working with a fellow beer reviewer at a brewery

  8. RampantLionReviews

    I saw loads of these homebrewing kits from Coopers while I was over in Aus but never the one for the Ginger beers! Discovered a homebrewing shop in Edinburgh last week though too, so I'll need to maybe have a go at getting into homebrewing! Slainte! ;)

  9. Nice simple kit there!! Look forward to seeing how it tastes!!

    Have u any recipes for banana bread ale?? I fancy tryin it but can't decide on a final recipe

  10. My wife loves Ginger beer (non-alcoholic) Me, haven't really had them. 

  11. Gr8 vid cheers m8

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