Coopers DIY Kit – Brewing a Canadian Blonde

Coopers DIY Kit – Brewing a Canadian Blonde

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By request… A Coopers Canadian Blonde beer kit brewed with the Coopers DIY micro brewery package. The DIY package contains everything you need to brew your first batch of beer in your kitchen. From then on, it’s less than to buy the ingredients to brew 5 imp. gallons of beer. It amounts to about 30 cents a beer!

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  1. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Hi Craig, I have a question, I dont know if u gonna see this but lets give it a try 🙂

    Brewing my first Canadian blonde now. after 24hours it did bobble alot. not too much.. just kinda "normal" 48hours.. it went crazy. and after a day or two its kinda stop, it comes a bobble every 2 minute. Is this normal for a Canadian blonde? (i use coopers DIY mirco 1 too)  my room temp is around 22-23*c  but last night it went under 20, maybe 19-18 does that hurt the beer in anyway? Im kinda new to this, but its alot of fun 🙂

    If it helps its 10 days now in 4days and im gonna bottle it

    Thanks, and have a great day !

    Cheers from Norway – Stian

  2. Joseph O'Driscoll

    Dear Craig, It is with great sadness that I regret to inform you, that I have indeed, followed all your instructions to the letter, on more then three times and 
    I am deeply afraid that you, sir, have no taste buds. The Coopers DIY just doesn't work!!!!! I live in Hamilton, I use the same water and I have followed all your instructions without deviation. Still the product I am producing is just pure 
    SHITE!!!! I've done your hop tea, IPA with hop addition and your Canadian blonde and all were complete rubbish. I am a home brewer of some experience and have made exceptional brews and the fact remains that you need to boil wort for 60 mins at the very least. First stage and second stage fermentation (IN GLASS NOT PLASTIC) is paramount and no amount of, so called cold brewing with enhancer bollocks, is going to make a quality beer. The water in Hamilton is complete crap as well, and no doubt added to the absolute failure of the coopers DIY fiasco. I love your videos and I think you are awesome however, I question the fact that you can properly taste mate as the Coopers DIY is just a sad waste of time…. Please get back to me and let me know if there was a secret to your brewing process you may have forgotten to share with all of us.

    Cheers Craig.

    Just unhappy and confused.

  3. when botttling the beer, d you put a spoon of sugar in the bottle to carbonate it?

  4. The Dirty Reviews (Adam Dillon)

    Awesome video. Quality analysis. I bought one of these kits because of you and they even knew you at the store lol.. cheers man!

  5. Hi Guys, I am about to try my 1st brew using Coopers Pilsener, i have received mixed views on the ingredients, i have got 500grams dry malt, 1 kg dextrose sugar and 7gm of yeast. can you send me your thougts "do's and dont's. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  6. What about the smaller can refills for the mr beer kit, do you need to add the malt and other stuff?

  7. Will my Canadian blonde beer ferment at 25.556 Celsius ?

  8. I think some people get overly worried about the sanitising, for instance sanitising every little thing including the can, but youre touching the fv and spoon and can with your hands which are full of bacteria, and talking over the fv introducing more bacteria. In the old days they had no starsan etc, I mean I agree its lowering the risk of something going wrong but its a little daunting to new brewers having to sanitise things like you are about to do brain surgery.

  9. Home brewing has always been something I wanted to try but have been intimidated by it.  I decided to give it a shot after watching your videos on inmate brew.  I tried it with Grape, Apple, and Orange Juice just to experiment.  I wanted to try beer so I purchased the Coopers DIY kit.  I am 3 days into my first home brew and I am looking forward to the taste test. Thank you for the tips.

  10. "shit flavor" the word your looking for about Budweiser is Shit flavor lol

  11. Heh 10:30 "you dont wanna introduce outside contaminants" while he empties his eye of crud into the brew :D

  12. after cleaning the ring after 4 days do you put the ring back in or leave it out for the rest of the fermentation period?

  13. Andrew Whittington

    After u add the malt and dextrose with the hot steaming water. You then topped it off with cold water..this brings the temperature down some what. How do know what temp is right for fermenting and how do u keep it that way?

  14. Nghia luu chung

    powder package he first entered what is

  15. Hey Craig, another great video. Thank you for the information on the substitute for the enhancer.

  16. My Grandfather made his "Home Brew" from the time of prohibition until he passed away in the mid 1980's  He used Blue Ribbon hoped malt extract, Table Sugar and plain old yeast, he fermented in a warm place in an old 5 gallon crock covered with a clean towel, he then bottled in brown qt. bottles. I don't think he ever had a bad batch.  He drank a qt. or two every evening while watching t.v. until he was an old man and God took him home. The only sanitizer he used was Bleach. I drank a few of these in my lifetime with him and they were pretty good beer, with a good kick.  Now I have tried my hand and dove in head first with an all grain Brown ale, it is sitting in the kegerator where it needs a couple of weeks to clarify, I have drank a few test beers from this, it's cloudy good full flavor but not so strong in the alcohol dept. as I anticipated

  17. To anyone trying this beer and they find it cidery, try this… 1kg standard Rogers table sugar, 100g malto-dextrin, and for sure swap that garbage coopers yeast for a quality British ale yeast (I use Mangrove Jacks craft series M07) believe me this beer will knock you're socks off without breaking the bank.

  18. Lakshmi Narayanan

    nice video but i want old kit.any suggestion plz mail me…

  19. i made the canadian blonde myself used half kilo dextrose and half kilo malt
    extract found the beer quiet  nice ill keep doing the same way.

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