Coopers DIY Beer Kit (Revised and Reposted)

Coopers DIY Beer Kit (Revised and Reposted)

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20 – This is the new Coopers DIY beer kit. I saw much interest in their Micro Brew Kit from two years ago, so I thought I’d introduce their new “all in one” beer brewing setup.

Buy the DIY kit HERE:

My video of me making a batch with the DIY kit:

Watch the included DVD here:

My detailed Hydrometer video:

“Airlocks 101”:


  1. Making beer seems too much like a science project, I just wanna brew a batch and get fucked up!

  2. Should the beer be racked into a carboy for a bit then back into the coopers fermenter to bottle or just go straight to bottling and not rack at all?

  3. Padraic McDonnell

    can you put on a half, or quarter brew if you don't want to make soo much at one time?

  4. Илья Петрович

    Your video was final point in making my home beer with cooper's kit.But there's one final opened question that I'm not sure about.I can brew all types of beer with temperature for about 24-28 C and it,s going to be fine and tasty?

  5. great video

  6. Just abonnated, great Video Craig, youre really a good guy, always makes fun to see your videos, keep up! :D

  7. I just bought the Coopers Kit and will be starting my 1st ever homebrew today :-)

  8. The tube that goes from the tap into the bottle to fill up. What is that actually called? I broke mine and it's very hard to find on the net when you don't know the name of the part you're searching.

  9. Pål Christian

    Ive got this and after 3 days of fermentation the liquid got all yellow. Is this normal?

  10. Its just disapointing that they are putting plastic bottles.. Beer cept in plastic bottles are not tasty as it would be in glass bottle.

  11. Hi Craig, how much do these retail for ?

  12. I have 2 questions – 1) can you use this kit to make an IPA ? and 2) Winter is coming, if the temp in the rooms drops below 60 degrees, is that a major problem?

  13. I think in the US beer is cheaper than in Australia from the bottle shops.
    So from an Aussie pov, home brewing is cheaper once you have your initial set up costs sorted.

  14. Cheers Craig, very much enjoy the Friday nights.  Thank you.

  15. I just started investigating this for fun and especially to save money but there does not seem to be any money savings at all considering the cost at $1.33 US per bottle cost.  That is calculating $40.00 per kit.
    So my question is; where is the savings?

  16. Yea this is Mr. Beer on steroids.

  17. Erlend Blankholm

    Hey Craig!

    Great videos!
    Just one question. The beer kit tells you to add 1 kg sugar to 23 litres beer. Approximately how much alcohol percentage will I get?

  18. can you brew stouts and ipa's in the same fermenter


    OK I just looked at the prices of this and it is no way worth it. What a rip off! It says it will be 50 cent a beer, more like 2.50 a beer. Just buy beer at the store. Much cheaper and more easy. $180 for the box to start! only get 30 beers!! Then $40.00 Every time you want to make another batch! How is $40.00 for 30 beers = 50 cents a beer? No way would I buy this! dont waste your time!

  20. CitySlicker Tony

    Great Job ! Nice Kit !

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