Complete Instructions – Mr.Beer 2012

Complete Instructions – Mr.Beer 2012

- in Beer Brewing Kit

This instructional (and fun!) video is included with the Mr.Beer Home Brewing Systems. Learn how easy it is to brew fantastic beer at home with the charming Peter Gariepy, our customer service manager.

If you have a kits that comes with a bag of booster check out the 2011 instructions.
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  1. Im bottling today yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! 

  2. EclipsespilcE Cacadoodie

    I had to watch it twice to learn because I spent the first round laughing my ass off at the subtitles!

  3. Леонид Цветков

    what is model?

  4. Dear friend, thanks for the great video.!
    My english is not perfect, but I would like to make a few questions :
    Is it possible to control the flavor of the beer?  Ad mor or less sugar to make it less bitter?
    the fermentation is sufficient to cause gas (CO2) or there is any way to make it with more gas (bubbles)?

  5. my kit came with carbonation tablets. does that shorten the car
    bonation time after bottling?

  6. MiserableOldFart

    No pitching the yeast?

  7. Nice video, I really like the way he explained everything- you can tell he cares about his product and has a love for beer! What a nice guy- I'm sold, and subscribed! Can't wait to make Xmas presents out of the beer I make:)

  8. Love those subtitles!

  9. lordwindowlicker

    Are you using standard table sugar?  

  10. Hellothere Hello

    lets drink more beer!

  11. Anyone who thinks that this is ANYWAY good beer or a good idea to buy one of these is a fool…. I would suggest that if you want to make home brew, go to your local home brew shop and talk to someone that live eats and breaths the Love that is truly home brewing. 

  12. How can you make a beer bottle that ugly, it's like you're trying.

  13. 0:21 That insane look in his eye makes me want to make some beers.

  14. Who did the typing for the captions.   TERRRIBLE but funny.  work=wort,   sanitize bottles=sabotage abolished,   and invert=venom birth

  15. Remember if your going to leave your beer in the fermenter for 2 weeks make sure you have an air lock. IF you do not have an air lock start taste testing your beer in the 7 to 10 day range. Trust me I have ruined a few batches waiting 2 weeks to taste test it. It was spoiled each time.

  16. JoJo Kadilihopper

    It takes 6 weeks????

  17. Tap water?

  18. This video doesn't do EXACTLY what the directions state in the kits.  For instance, the kit says to let the yeast sit on top for 5 minutes then shake/stir vigorously then store.

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