Cleaning Home Brew Equipment

Cleaning Home Brew Equipment

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20 – Cleaning home brew equipment

Alternative to PBW, oxiclean, dish detergent.

Cleaning home brew equipment is usually something most brewers don’t pay a whole lot of attention to… yet, cleaning is the most important step in preparing for a brew session…

I will venture out to say that cleaning is even more so important than sanitizing.

The fact of the matter is that sanitizing by definition can only be done on a pre-clean surface and cleaning is not just a matter of taking a sponge and wiping off the visible junk…

There are crevices in plastics and other materials which build up soils and you must remove those soils.

Not removing those soils will sanitize over those soils, but bacteria can hide underneath those soils and get into your beer.

It’s not worth the risk… not when there is 5-6 hours of my time involved… so hopefully this helps you out…
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  1. boring..yawn..

  2. Boring,boring. I bet you're a great laugh at parties!

  3. Does this guy work for Oxyclean or something!?

  4. too boring, chat far too much crap. Couldn't even finish watching. GET TO THE FUCKING POINT!

  5. brewbeeranddrinkit

    Not really… oxyclean and TSP90 is about as close as you get… the only thing missing would be a good chelating agent.

    I started with this mixture as a way to learn and experiment, but by now I simply just go with PBW… just learn to get the most out of each mixture (i.e. don't make 5 gallons of PBW every time and throw away perfectly good mixture)

  6. I've been using the Oxyclean+TSP90 mixture for some time, with good results, but wonder if adding some regular TSP to the mix would make it even more like PBW?

  7. brewbeeranddrinkit

    should be fine to use… just gotta make sure you rinse off really good with hot water…

  8. I recently bought some oxiclean versatile for cleaning my equipment but I've been reading some posts online that I should be using oxiclean free. The kind i have says that it's chlorine free but I don't think it's the same as oxiclean free. Is it ok to use what I've got?

  9. brewbeeranddrinkit

    Good suggestion… Cheers!

  10. Erik Ruvalcaba

    Great vid, man. I think this could be retitled "Alternatives to PBW for Cleaning Home Brew Equipment" as this would catch people's attention better and is closer to your content. Keep the vids coming!

  11. brewbeeranddrinkit

    Better hop utilization, keeps wort lighter (color)… I now have a 10 gallon pot so I do full boils, but that's how I used to do it before I upgraded my equipment.

  12. Rick Breunesse

    Great video. As always. I am brewing your recipe tomorrow! Why are you boiling 4 gallons at the time not 2-3 adding the rest later? Cheers

  13. Great vid! Thanks for posting

  14. brewbeeranddrinkit

    Found it… I wouldn't use it… PBW has chelating agents that you just won't find with dishwasher soap… that's why it's a bit more expensive… it's not just about cleaning the equipment, but also making sure there is no cleaning residue left on your equipment…

  15. PS- I couldn't post the link with the 3 Ws at the beinging so just add it to the link

  16. yeah I agree with that…

    here is a link to the MSDS about the brand name FINISH dishwasher powder… it has almost everything you've talked about but idk how much % it has

  17. brewbeeranddrinkit

    Haven't noticed that… I make my mixture in my bucket… one thing I know about TSP 90 is that too much can damage plastics…

  18. Finish dishwaser powder has all of this

    look at the stuff in it

    would with be good to use in a bucket to clean?

  19. brewbeeranddrinkit

    I used RO water, which is essentially distilled water… but you can still get some deposits…

  20. all that can also be eliminated if you do a final rinse with distilled water…which poland spring and other companies now sell.

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