Canaday Dry VS Schweppes (Ginger Ale) Battle Review

Canaday Dry VS Schweppes (Ginger Ale) Battle Review

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Taste contest! The verdict is in. Schweppes Ginger Ale versus Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

It tastes and looks like Schweppes is outdated by the tastier Canada Dry. For some reason Canada Dry’s ginger ale has was more bubbles than the Schweppes. As you can see there is a little trade-off for more taste in the Canada Dry but at the expense of more sugar but in turn it has less sodium. In addition, Canada Dry is must easier to find than Schweppes.


Canada Dry (1904):
90 calories
32mg sodium
25g carbohydrates
24g sugar

Schweppes (1783):
90 calories
40mg sodium
22g carbohydrates
21g sugar


  1. I don't really tend to see this on any lists, but I'mma just say the one i like.

    When I was really little we'd get the assorted boxes from Thomas Kemper with all the different sodas including vanilla, rootbeer, orange, black cherry and ginger ale

    And the ginger ale was better than both of these and has been the best ginger ale i've ever tasted.

  2. Napoleon Dynamite 3?

  3. There both absolute shit !!!!! Try D&G fiery root ginger ale there's nothing like it and it's the UK's favourite ………… It's from Jamaica

  4. Daniel Lawson

    the schwepps one is delicious. I'm drinking a bottle right now.

  5. Andrew Fredette

    Kerwin sent me here

  6. Ask me how many hoots I give 

  7. FGNF

  8. Ricardo Oliveira

    Nice video! I like both a lot, but i actually buy schweppes more because it´s way cheaper here 1,25€ than Canada Dry 1,99€/can, i never though that sprite and 7up was ginger ale or at least so similar! But if you want a strong taste/experience of ginger i will go with this 2: Barr´s ginger beer (way more sweet, spicy and strong ginger taste), my wife´s favourite ginger ale! And another excellent ginger ale is Old Jamaica ginger beer, my favourite at the moment!

  9. First of all, those are glasses NOT cups. Also,You should have had a sip of water in between tasting to cleanse the taste buds. Schweppes is way better. They don't call it 'The Champagne of Ginger Ales" for nothing. Canada Dry is way too sugary.

  10. When my Grandfather emigrated from Scotland to Canada he saw a sign that said "Drink Canada Dry!".
    So he did!

  11. Lol, you know both brands are owned by Dr. Pepper/Seven Up inc. right? So if it tastes very similar and nutrion facts are very similar, there you go.

  12. Ironically, both brands are owned by Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up.


    My favorite has ALWAYS been CANADA DRY GINGER ALE. Going for another substitute brand name has yet to produce an equivalent or better product.
    Never knew about SEAGRAM'S GINGER ALE until now. Wonder what it is like?

  14. I have both diet Canada Dry andDiet Schweppes in the fridge and i like the Diet Schweppes better.

  15. Justin Dragonslayer

    I love Ginger Ale so much Canada Dry Ginger Ale is my favorite soda of all time. I like Schweppes also but I still think Canada Dry is the best.


    so biased. two thumbs downs.

    schweppes 4 lyfe

  17. Me too! Dudes, never get Fred Meyer/Kroger's ginger ale cuz they suck big time. In fact I'll review it to let others know.

  18. I agree totally.

  19. I agree with nunutime

  20. Canada Dry is best scheppes only when the store is out of Canada Dry :))

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