Canada Dry Ginger Ale Review (Soda Tasting #149)

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Review (Soda Tasting #149)

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According to the Canada Dry website (, it took John McLaughlin hundreds of attempts before he achieved his perfect formula for Canada Dry Pale Dry Ginger Ale, from his plant in Toronto. The first U.S. plant was opened in Manhattan in 1921. P.D. Saylor and Associates purchased the company in 1923. In 1986, it was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes and now it is part of Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

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Company: Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Calories (per 12 oz.): 140
Caffeine (per 12 oz): Free
Sweetener: HFCS

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  1. who drunks pop like that like come on eh

  2. yes

  3. Fluoroantimonic Acid

    I hear it is good for you if you are puking

  4. Canada dry taste almost the same as mountain dew. LOL

  5. I <3 Canada Dry

  6. It's the only ginger-ale I drink! Schweppes ginger-ale tastes watered down and blehh, and as my friend put it so perfectly "I got for a sip expecting this nice flavour, and it never comes". Canada Dry all the way! There are obviously spicier ginger-beers/ales etc, more crafted, artisan, 'natural' ones, but so far as corporate soft drinks go this one is the best :3

  7. Douglas Broadbent

    This has always been one of my favorites. Owing to my love of intense flavors, I also like old-school ginger beers, too (Goya and Gosling's are both impressive, although I was first introduced to Stewart's, which is hard to find around Philly), but they don't seem as refreshing. Both are good for settling an upset stomach. 

  8. Root beer and ginger ale are the only two that I will train from now on, I don't trust the cola's anymore

  9. Nicole Cossette

    if u get sick and drink flat ginger ale it actually helps u get better 

  10. Darkness_Joker

    That stuff is refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Have you done Barq's Rootbeer? I tried looking but didn't see it. I drink it all the time, and I think It's better than most other rootbeers, although I just had a "Natural BREW draft rootbeer" ( )  that was actually pretty good.  Also Crush Cream Soda is another good one from Canada. Cool channel. Cheers.

  12. I like Canada Dry Ginger Ale, but with all the "made from real ginger" ad, it made me wonder if it is really that different from other soda's.  Checked all the ingredients, can't find any ginger in there anywhere.  So, my question is, "is there really any ginger in ginger ale?"

  13. Justin Dragonslayer

    I would give Canada Dry Ginger Ale 100 out of 5 or 10 out of 5 my favorite soda of all time.

  14. Melissa Nicole

    Why does he spit it out

  15. My favorite soda:)

  16. Canada Dry tastes like sprite lol

  17. Moose Blubber (Greggets)

    In Canada we don't call it soda we call it pop

  18. Do you get paid or do you do it for fun?

  19. Why do you review soda? 

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