Bundaberg Ginger Beer Review – RudyEats

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Review – RudyEats

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  1. Bevmo also has it 

  2. ginger people is also great

  3. One of the BEST!

  4. Bundaburg's is the best. I've tried other assorted generic-brand Ginger Beers (just about every brand of fizzy drink makes it out here – Coles brand, Home brand, Woolworths brand, Kirk's…) and none of them can complete with Bundaburg's. I was craving it when I visited the US and bought some "Ginger Ale", thinking it was the same thing… it wasn't. Ginger Ale cannot begin to compete with Ginger Beer. (It doesn't taste like ginger, for starters…).

    By the way, "Bundaburg" is pronounced wth the same first syllable as "fun". Or "bun", for that matter – "Bun-duh-berg". Bundaburg also makes Sarsparilla and Diet Ginger Beer.

  5. It's like root beer and ginger ale

  6. I found it at a health food store that sell only natural foods and meats call Sprout's let me know if you find it OK

  7. WhatWouldRudyEat

    I that up online. Looks awesome. I'm gonna check my local spots.

  8. I when out like I say but I couldn't find your ginger beer in my area there was others but not your . I decided to try one call Premium Ginger Brew (Ginger Ale ) by Reed's INC., Made in USA It's very good and in no way bitter and has 17 grams of ginger per bottle.

  9. WhatWouldRudyEat

    Rudy loves his ginger beer.

  10. Dame we get it You love ginger beer I got it after the first 3 min your video is to long but I going to try it myself LOL

  11. WhatWouldRudyEat

    I love ginger beer, and this is the best I've had yet.

  12. As an Aussie i must let you know it's pronounced bun-da-berg rather than boon-da-berg xD. Nice review though ( don't try Bundaberg rum, that shit gives us a bad name lol )

  13. You should Review Brownie Brittle! Sheila G's is the best

  14. WhatWouldRudyEat

    NOO! I practically live a cost +

  15. No cost plus here:(

  16. Where do I get it Rudy?

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