Brewing the Coopers Lager using the New DIY Kit

Brewing the Coopers Lager using the New DIY Kit

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In this video we brew the Original Series Lager, Brew Enhancer 1 and 1oz of Saaz hops using the New Coopers DIY Beer Kit.

More information on the new Coopers DIY kit can be found here:

Through June 18, 2011 you can receive off a purchase of the new DIY kit when you use promo code DADSDAY at checkout.

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  1. The Wine Brewer

    Nice Video, I got a great video showing what you get in a Coopers DIY Beer Kit here: Coopers DIY Beer Kit – Unboxing(21/09/2014) and a great video showing how to make it here: Coopers DIY Beer Kit – Making(26/09/2014) 

  2. You said the kit is a Lager, but you fermented in the 70 degree range.  That would taste horrible.  A true Lager yeast needs to ferment in the 40 degree range, maybe low 50's but thats pushing the high side. What kind of yeast did you use?

  3. A good thing about clear fermenters, or clear lidded fermenters, is that you can leave the hydrometer in full-time.

  4. I don't like to leave them in for more than 10 days but you can probably leave them in right up until bottling time.

  5. Ehm how long is the hops in ? when do u remove them ? counted from the sixth day

  6. cheers

  7. Hi, just wondering but wouldn't half the hops not have had an affect on the beer as they weren't sitting 'in' the beer? You sprinkled them on top and the top half would only be sitting in the co2 room?

  8. It just gets out of the gaps as the lids not a tight fit

  9. I would not go higher than 75F. But I definitely recommend fermenting below 70F. It will take longer but it will be a more satisfying beer.

  10. Coopers says 27 C for the Coopers Original Series yeast. However I don't like the way the beer tastes when fermented at the higher end. It produces a cidery and/or fruity flavor. Once fermentation is starting, I like to bring the temperature down to 20 C or lower to a mininum 18 C. It will take longer but it is worth it to me.

  11. what is the maxime fermentation temperature?

  12. if the fermenter is not airlock adaptation where it is expelled by the co2?

  13. I am a complete newbie to homebrew- started brewing a wherry last night. I am going to try this mixing in the pan method on my next batch

  14. Nice fermenter tho
    I brew this all the time so let me know how it turns out with the dry hops.
    Nice tidy work area.. looks well clean.. i like to see that in home brew vids

  15. Also i hear that adding very hot water to plastic has a cancer cause element, but don't quote me on that

  16. So the very last thing we should ever do is pour boiling hot water in there, at least place 5ltr of cold water into it if ur gona put the hot water in.
    I always always do my extract wort in a pan on the stove to make sure all the extract wort is well well mixed into the water in the pan along with the sugar that i add at the end of the boil. with 5/10 ltr of cold water already in the fermenting bucket i then add the hot wort from the pan.. top that up to 23 ltr.. good to go..

  17. Nice work

  18. I understand, but I cant translate what you're saying to my experience. Both beers had around 11-12 points FG, and the DME batch is the none-sweetness beer. But it might have something to do with tempratures or other factors. As long as it gives the results im looking for, im happy 😉

  19. But dextrose has its place when using malt extract. Especially when you a producing a high gravity beer.

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