Brewing a Wheat Beer Kit

Brewing a Wheat Beer Kit

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In addition to preparing a nice Wheat Beer kit (and augmenting as I’m prone,) I demonstrate how simple it is to sterilize your equipment before a brew. Good thing too, because the stopper for my airlock is currently at the bottom of my carboy. Watch the video to see what happened.
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  1. So I've been reading and watching videos on home brewing,my question is .After you buy all the equipment,ingredients what is the estimated cost per bottle.I saw somewhere the  initial start up cost of like half price vs store but it did not cover the cost of gas for cooking.any thoughts

  2. After using sanitizer, you're not supposed to rinse. That can introduce bacteria, which is the reason you sanitize in the first place. Just saying.

  3. Railway Modeller Oz

    Wrong info. You don't boil Coopers Kits.

  4. kit is shit

  5. Alexander Cube

    Wheat beer is my favorite beer of all. 

  6. Guns4Higher420

    4:26 lol …shit happens .

  7. 4:28 "Thats what she said"

  8. O poop. That sucks.

  9. I hope it was good

  10. Nice little video!

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