Brewers Choice Beer Kit – Czech Pilsner

Brewers Choice Beer Kit – Czech Pilsner

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Brewers Choice Beer Kit - Czech Pilsner

Brupaks Brewers Choice Czech Pilsner, available from, produces a lovely pilsner with very little effort
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  1. Thanks for making this video. I've just bottled the Brewers Choice Weissbier and judging from the taste of the trial jar it looks set to be the best kit I've ever done. I'll have to give this Pilsner a go.

  2. AnalogueInQatar

    Nice, clear description, mate.

  3. @OFTRoad These kits can take a while to clear, I'd say wait a month, if you can, or longer before trying.

  4. I've just made one of these and am slightly worried – 11 days in the fermenter, reached FG, bulk primed it and bottled it about 3 days ago. it's really cloudy in the bottle, with already quite a bit of sediment – and hasn't changed from day one.

    Will this clear or does it sound like an infection?

    Any other brews i've done have cleared in the bottle after a few days.

    It's being kept at about 18 degrees (under the stairs).

    I'm fairly new to this still..any advise?

  5. @MrNeiluk Thanks, I've subscribed to you and will have a look at your vids this weekend

  6. nice vids/ keep them comming

  7. @HeyBossThePlane Thanks. Good to hear another view. I agree, they're not cheap.

  8. @HeyBossThePlane Seriously. It would be useful to have a reasoned opposing view on these kits. I'd be interested to know why you say the kits are not good.

  9. @HeyBossThePlane In what way?

  10. Man that looked tasty! Wish I lived over there with you guys, everyone is so much nicer and polite! I will have to try a kit like this!

  11. @78recordrepair Cheers

  12. Nice porkchops!!

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