Brew your own Craft Beer!

Brew your own Craft Beer!

- in Beer Brewing Kit

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Home brewing often results in terrible tasting beer. Not so with the Mr. Beer Craft Collection Home Brewing System!

Mr. Beer is America’s #1 seller of complete home brewing kits because they’ve made the process simple and the included ingredients and supplies are professional-grade. In fact, Mr. Beer uses the same ingredients and manufacturing methods in their mixes as they use in their brewery — one of Australia’s largest!

Each kit includes everything you need to make two gallons of craft-quality beer. The components are reusable, so when you’re ready to try a new recipe, simply purchase a refill kit.


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  1. Well time to sell some beer

  2. Is got a little barle so cute

  3. Ninjutsu Toad™


  4. Is that a legal to do in the us and can they even sell this

  5. By making your own beer using the kit you're not really doing anything. You're just really diluting the beer and then letting it ferment

  6. Juggernuat 797

    Finally something made in Australia 

  7. Can kids make it to????????????????????????????:-):-):-):-):-)

  8. Is it alcoholik free?

  9. >people arguing about children drinking beer
    >13 years old kids saying "i just drank beer"

    bitch pls, I was 6 when I got addicted to vodka. /s

  10. Kate “Lulamoon” Chan

    Or make a beer so good that if anyone touches it,you snap their neck. :3

  11. I love it how they just drink it/taste it and then they nod at it and just stare at it while doing it.

    Yay! You clicked read more! But the tasting bit is true.

  12. SlightlyConfusedDuck

  13. Who got the mr beer as before the vid

  14. Hey i live in Australia 

  15. MrDeadmemori3s

    Woooo go straya

  16. No Das Boot cross promo? You have disappointed me Vat19

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