Brew Magic Pro Brewery System Basics

Brew Magic Pro Brewery System Basics

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5 == Dogtown Brewing Company gives you a breakdown of the Sabco Brew Magic brewery system with chill wizard, sankey tanks, and beer fermenter with basics of the process.
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  1. Brian Christopher

    Question #1) Have you ever brewed a batch of beer before?
    Question #2) When you throw in the towel on your distribution project can I please have some of that equipment?
    Question #3) What do you do for a living that you can afford all that equipment from Sabco?
    Question #4) Ball Valves: Do you "turn them on" or do you "Open them?" Ha-Ha
    Question #5) This was posted in November, have you actually learned how to use it yet? Watching this video was very un-educational for me.

  2. dogtownbrewing

    For the record to those watching.. This was literally the first time I unboxed this thing and I never ran a single batch through it (so I'm obviously off by explaining what each item does).. I'm just proud to own this Brew Magic and can't wait to make some amazing beer!

  3. Tuấn Phạm Anh

    Youtube should give him a medal or two for his effort. His uploading only working stuff.

  4. Im so excited!

  5. ranganathancrunkleto

    Great! as it is working it is like its name Magic Brewery System.

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