Brew In A Bag- All Grain Beer Brewing Demo

Brew In A Bag- All Grain Beer Brewing Demo

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John from Grape and Granary shows you the basics of doing a Brew In A Bag (BIAB) batch of beer. Process and equipment is discussed. Click here for a link to our beer brewing supplies,1104.html


  1. Making a saison tomorrow.  Thanks for posting.  Very informative. 

  2. Just add together the mash water amount and the normal sparge water amount and that is how much water you use.

  3. Use all of the mash water and all of the sparge water. So, in my case here I had about 10 lbs of grain so I used about 3 gallons of mash water and 5 gallons of sparge water for a total of about 8 gallons. I did the brew in a bag into 8 gallons of water.

  4. I want to try brew in bag for my next batch. If I buy an all grain ingredient kit, how do i know how much water to add?

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