Beer Review #12: Crabbie’s Ginger Beer

Beer Review #12: Crabbie’s Ginger Beer

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The Michaels push the envelope on what is truly considered a “beer” as they dive into a bottle of Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. Wait! Don’t leave! You might actually find this review refreshing.
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  1. Just tried this out in Houston, one of the best beers I've ever had.

  2. This is not a beer. In Canada it's classified as a Cooler. 

  3. Thanks for all of the comments! Yes, I too can now keep this gem in my fridge, thanks to its Texas migration. Stay tuned. New episodes are in the works!

  4. It's not very good without ice, but with ice and maybe some soo sooo good like you guys said. I said the same thing the first time I tried it "I could drink this all day long" A+ alcoholic beverage

  5. BRB going to buy Crabbies

  6. My last trip to see my English boyfriend, I tried Crabbie's. And I kept going back to the Tesco's to buy more the whole time I was there, because I figured I'd never be able to find it in the States. Thankfully it's now in my area (Chicagoland). It really is that good. It's got that great warm ginger burn that is enhanced by the alcohol. I have to be careful because it's so sweet and refreshing I'd drink it like soda if I kept too much in the house.

  7. Aimée Van Zile

    4.8% in the states!

  8. Now available in TEXAS! The distributor says, "We are waiting for our Houston distributor to bring product in, but shouldn't be much longer now. However, our distributor for Dallas/Ft.Worth & Austin has it in stock. If you are in the Dallas area, both the Total Wine stores (Dallas & Ft. Worth locations) are carrying it. Let your friends know!"

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