Beer Making Equipment Kits from Midwest Supplies

Beer Making Equipment Kits from Midwest Supplies

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Check out our selection of beer making equipment kits from Midwest Supplies.


  1. *Kettle not included.

  2. Yeah , the prices don't match with the website

  3. These prices don't match your site

  4. Hey NO SOUND !!!!

  5. bullsmith5050

    Better Bottle is the brand name. I bought my starter kit and most of my equipment upgrades from Midwest. They're great! Have more stuff in them than the competition at same or cheaper cost.

  6. Your information is great for purchasing a starter kit, but I jsut hate "sales" on youtube. So please just take it at that.

    All that said, your prices seem very reasonable for starter kits. Hell, I am even considering picking up one of your kits to up-grade my set up.

    My only complaint is you sell the plastic as "the better bottle?" Let me just say, as a microbiologist, plastic sucks!!! Glass is so much better because it doesn't scratch.

    But good video nevertheless.

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